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SciFiwire: Why Michael Shanks thinks Stargate SG-1 is history

Here's today's article...

SciFiwire: Why Michael Shanks thinks Stargate SG-1 is history

It looks like Stargate SG-1 may finally be dead, at least according to star Michael Shanks, who played Dr. Daniel Jackson on the series, which ran for 10 seasons and spurred two DVD movies in 2008 and two Syfy spinoff series.

"Given the amount of time lag that's gone on between us doing the movies, I suspect that we might be very far away from, if ever, doing another DVD movie. This might be the closing of the book on that particular [chapter of the] franchise," said Shanks, whom we caught up with while he was promoting his guest-starring role as Hawkman in The CW's two-hour film Smallville: Absolute Justice.



"Never say never. It's always a possibility. But I think everybody's moving on to a certain point, and with the new show doing well, everybody's focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner, which is a little bit unfortunate, because I think one more story would have been a great way to bring Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) back in and really go there. But you know, business is business."


"The reason why I did that was because it timed in perfectly, because pilot season is underway. I'm reading for Danno in Hawaii Five-O," he said with a laugh. "I don't know what to say about that. I haven't read the script yet, so I'm going, 'Really?' I'll have to wait and see.'"

If cast, Shanks would be appearing with Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, who'll be portraying Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a role played in the original series by Kam Fong, the Hollywood Reporter announced today.

While he doesn't have any information about how they will reboot the iconic police procedural, which ran on CBS from 1968 to 1980 and spurred the famous catch phrase, "Book 'em, Danno," Shanks knows one thing. "I'm sure there's some updates, because I don't think we could pull off that kind of brow furrowing with a straight face in this day and age. I'll tell you one thing, to go to Hawaii to shoot a series would be a dream come true, that's for certain. Not a bad gig there. ... I don't feel too bad for the people on Lost. Oh, you're on Lost. Poor guys. Yeah. Boo-hoo. Go back to your cabana and have another mojito [laughs]."

REST AT http://bit.ly/SG1istoast

Alas, I think Michael is right. MGM doesn't seem interested in either SG-1 or Atlantis. Stargate Universe is the new toy, MGM isn't as rich as it once was.Sure, the scripts are written for both movies, but gazillions of scripts get written. The actors know zip about any movies and are, realistically, moving on with new projects. Don't hate me for saying this, but by the time MGM does decide to do another SG-1 movie, O'Neill's gonna need a walker to chase after Goa'uld! ;) And on the Atlantis side (my favorite side, I must admit), Momoa is doing the Conan movie and if that takes off....

And then there are the books. Six planned, that I've read of, which will cover the year after Atlantis returned in the series finale. Of course, novelizations aren't cannon but it doesn't sound like MGM is chomping at the bit to do a movie.

As for Shanks in Hawaii Five-O? Wel, Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin is up for the McGarrett role (I still can't see anybody but Jack Lord in that role, but oh well, remakes again). I'd love to see Michael in another series, and a cop drama? Sounds good. Fingers crossed! 

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