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Joe Flanigan on Jace Hall - the Screencaps!

I thought this inanity deserved some screencaps. Immortalize Joe's work :)

As promised by Jace Hall, we get a re-appearance of Joe Flanigan on the Jace Hall Show, which you can find at IGN.com or Jace Hall's site
Please note vids are for mature audiences (for bad language, mostly, oh dear).

EPISODE 3!!! Superfamous FAMILY GUY creator SETH MACFARLANE attempts NINTENDO Wii -The STARCRAFT 2 design team grants an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK PART ONE – STARGATE ATLANTIS’ JOE FLANIGAN steals from JACE – LAURA VANDERVORT (LISA) from the NEW “V” SERIES pranking other cast memebers – Mega-Huge Bloodsport fighter BOB SAPP makes demands! A MUST see!!!

Joe Flanigan can be found at these marks:
6.39 which is a flashback to Joe’s earlier appearance, stealing Jace’s “V” costume and then at 7:15, we find Joe on the street, in that costume, holding cup of coffee! Then at 7;43, he runs off with it again. Joe wanders onto ranch at 8.40 where he meets Chris Judge! Then again at 12.46 where it seems we have more promised on the next episode.


In a flashback to the last episode, Joe goes on about how good he’d be in “V”.
<img alt="" src="

In a flashback to the last episode, Joe goes on about how good he’d be in “V”.

Foolishly, Jace lets him try on the suit.

Joe decides to keep the suit. If you watch the video, you see him run off with it.

SEGUE to the present, where Jace and a pal are driving along and suddenly they spy - JOE FLANIGAN – in Jace’s “V” suit! They pull over.

Joe acts nonchalant.

He approaches car. He could use some sugar or creamers for his coffee.

He looks down. Darn. No creamers or sugar.

Not as roomy as a jumper though.

What? No fine Corinthian leather?

Eegads, they want the suit back! Forget that. The chicks dig it!

No way! All those years of running away, I mean, after Wraith, works to Joe’s advantage.

Later on, Joe is wandering around a ranch. He’d hitchhike, but would you pick up a guy in a bright red suit and it’s not even Christmas??

Whoa, hey, look at that! Chris Judge of Stargate SG-1!

A hug. Darn. Could not get a sharp cap of it.

“Joe, it’s a ranch. You stepped in horse s**t.”

Fortunately Joe is able to scuff it off. Nah, they’re talking about “V” and…

...how Joe really really really wants to be in it! POW! He’ll get another action figure!

POW! POW! Chris is probably going okay, the guy has lost it.

Phew, the suit remains untouched.

But then Chris says Jace wants the suit back.

Joe says bad words that would get his mouth washed out with soap if this were not a webisode.

A sneer-off!

“Don’t touch the threads!”

“You touched it! It’s got cooties! I’m telling mom!”

Joe backs off when he realizes Chris brought backup (the guy I didn't bother to screencap)

“Um, er, I’m late for a pedicure.”

Joe turns tail and runs, er, enacts a strategic retreat.

And it looks like next time, Joe is up against a wall. Ooooh.

And that’s it. Funny stuff!

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