wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Winter photos

Took some snowy winter photos.

First up, the dog. You know, the one that I called the money pit in my previous entry. As you can see, he is now possessed and stubborn and did NOT want to leave the freezing cold snow to go inside, despite having a nice large patch of exposed skin on his backside. He's a hardy little fella.

What I get to see on my commute every day. The pigeons love to gather on this particular poll. Wish I'd caught it with the red lights as then it looks sorta eerie...

A wintery sunset last week. Just gorgeous colors.

A cotton candy tree. This is when the snow is so light and fluffy it just clings and looks like white blossoms. So pretty. Alas, it'll all be gone by the morning.

The wintery road this morning.

My favorite shot, taken this morning on the way to work. I just love the sky, and this was a photo I just took haphazardly while driving, clicking point and shoot camera to the side. Turned out nice...

And last... a photo that means nothing to anyone but me...

My car's odometer turned 170,000 today! And no parts have fallen off yet (although the rear bumper has a lot of duct tape on it!).

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