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I've succumbed to the dark side

It was a great day. Gray, gloomy and rainy, which prevented me from going out and doing much needed yard work, so instead, I could stay inside and watch DVDs and clean up the PC and be a slave to the cat, who has been baking under a lamp virtually all day. He worships the great God 75 watt...

Yes, I spent a lot of today watching the WB's hunky horror show SUPERNATURAL. The thing was it's never been in a decent time slot (against CSI) and then one of the big box stores had a sale - season 1 for about $24 (and it's more like $40 everywhere else) so I said, you know, let's check it out. Like it, don't know if I can get into the fanfic, and you'll see more Invader Zim icons before I put in Dean and Sam icons (I finally know their names and don't have to go 'the good looking older brother') ;)  However, if there are any good angsty hurt/comfort whump fanfics on this show (no slash, please, sorry, cannot and do not see it - they're brothers, for pete's sake!) I wouldn't mind some links.

Meanwhile, went through the hard drive  on the PC and have arranged most of my SGA fanfic. Got it categorized, put together a spreadsheet as I discovered multiple copies of the same stories. Gotta save paper and toner ink, after all. Discovered a bunch of stories I'd downloaded but not yet printed or read. 

Sigh, Christmas is over. Decorations will come down, oh, in a month or so. January is such a gloomy month. I like the Xmas lights around the TV set :)
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