wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Picspam: David Nykl & David Hewlett! Stargate Atlantis

David Hewlett is pointing his finger at me. Hey, David, didn't anybody teach you it's not polite to point? Oh wait, wait, you're trying to get our attention (see below).

Yes, there are more photos. This one was unceremoniusly snerched from http://watcher652.livejournal.com/29365.html, who did a lovely picspam of both David Nykl and David Hewlett from a recent convention in Paris, France. This is just a taste of what lies at the link above. So if you're a fan of either actor, or just like pretty pictures, head on over ot the link above, and don't forget to leave comments and thanks :)
Tags: david hewlett, david nykl, photos
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