wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Jason Momoa on TMZ

I flicked off the news, hit the Fox channel and went Whoa! Jason Momoa! Yes, TMZ, the tabloid show, caught him somewhere to ask him about Conan the Barbarian. He appeared about 7-8 minutes in, I think, and I'll see if I can catch it later (means, gasp, watching Spartacus one hour later). This thing syndicates, so if you want to see if, check www.titantv.com to see if you get it tonight.

He's looking good. One of the *cough* reporter types called him "ridiculously hot." And he is looking quite good!

UPDATE Feb 27 - Video is now up at TMZ at http://bit.ly/MomoaTMZ
Tags: jason momoa
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