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Just what  I'm reading, watching, kevetching about, etc. etc.

....Just finished reading Lincoln Child's Impact novel. Definitely enjoyed it. I've enjoyed his and Douglas Preston's Pendergast novels and their standalone novels (the ones I've read so far) are pretty good.

....Think that all Audis should be squashed flat and turned into manhole covers as I swear, none of them know how to drive properly. Always speeding and running red lights. Meanwhile, Prius drivers are too fast, or too slow, and none want to stop at signs. Heaven forbid, that interferes with their 'hypermiling'. Gak.

....Got a huge birthday card. Not for me, but one that I'll be signing and sending onto the next person. It's for Chris Potter, who once starred in Kung Fu the Legend Continues and is now in the Canadian drama Heartland, which of course isn't aired here.

....Joy! My order from BigFinish.com arrived! The second series of Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 audiobooks. I'm holding them aside, however, for the drive out to MediaWest*Con in May. It's a LONG drive! Well, maybe I'll crack at some point. I mean, Kavan Smith read one. Oh, I wish they could get David Hewlett to do one!!

....The DVR is still dead. I should call Panasonic but I'm putting it off as I know I'll get a runaround or $$$$ quote. Plus I keep forgetting, although I usually remember when I'm at work, or in the car. In the meantime, may just buy a player. I mean, all these DVDs and can't watch. I could watch on computer, but I like watching it on the TV. PC screen is small...

....So in the meantime, have been taking out music CDs from the library. Having been trying various jazz CDs. Chris Botti is pretty good, as is Sonny Rollins. And have tried out the few New Age ones they have. They've got a much bigger jazz, and huge classical selection, compared to say, country (small) or pop/rock. I like the slow jazz with saxaphones. If anybody has recommendations, feel free to add.

....TV-wise, I sorta miss the Olympics as well, I got used to them, and I was cheering on the U.S. team, particularly the skaters (Apolo Ohno). I was hoping US would win hockey, but in my heart figured Canada would win. I mean, isn't hockey basically a religion up north?? ;) And I also watched the Olympics cuz it was in canada. I figured they'd show videos of it. Not a lot, but there was some lovely footage.

.... Meanwhile, went, huh? WTF? when I realized that "Human Target" was no longer playing (Darn!) and really, the only shows I go "gotta watch" are "Spartacus" on Starz (getting my money's worth out of cable) and "Apparitions" (on Chiller, stars Martin Shaw from the 70s UK series The Professionals). Think I burned out on crime shows and realistically, CSI and Law & Order play everywhere, all the time! ;) And I have no idea what Marg Helgenberger did to her face, but it scares me.

....Back to reading Stargate Atlantis fanfiction. The virtual season six is defintely worth a read! I printed it out and went "oof!" There dies a sapling ;) I like the Sheppard whump and well-written stories, and am months (many) behind on reading, since I had a summer-long Kung Fu the Legend Continues reading binge. In fact, I still have a whole box of zines to read. But there's some good SGA fic out there. Now to find time to catch up.

....Somehow, and on what, I don't really know, I made over 9,700 tweets on twitter. Well, I do post a lot of links to fun science and weird news stories, stuff on Stargate. Alas, since twitter is now an 'evil social networking' whatever, it's banned at work. Darn.

....Dog is healing up fine from his animal attack. Of course, it will take forever for the fur to grow back!

....Gah, I still must do my taxes. I dread that, but must do them this weekend.

....I should probably get a passport before they I need to take a loan out to get one. They're talking of raising the rates to get one.

....I can't believe how much reality show dreck is on TV. I switch channels, and can find people moaning about marriages, or going into rehab, or whatever. I miss the days of just a handful of channels, all with scripted drama...

....Ah, Spring is coming. No more snow shoveling, but yech, the ticks will come out. Blech! The lawn will grow. No!!

....And that's it. Gotta do some work on MediaWest*Con tonight. Only a few months away!

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