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The Oscars

I taped it, on the VCR, which I realized after speed-searching it today, that, well, the heads get dirty, so picture, etc. dropped out, but oddly enough, it didn't bother me. At least I still have a head cleaner, although I'm sure they're extinct.

Anyhoohow, I basically watched bits and pieces of the Oscars, as I had no real vested interest in any of the movies. I was glad to see  'Hurt Locker' get all its wins. I pretty much figured 'Avatar' would clear out the SPX awards. I really liked 'Avatar' and will buy it when it comes on DVD, but the overall plot was nothing too new. I mean, we've all sorta seen it before. Otherwise, the SPX on it were fantastic! I'd even have chosen 'District 9' over 'Avatar' to win as that was a pretty good film.

I heard all the bruhaha over Farrah Fawcett being left out of the memorium segment, but then again, all the TV actors (far too many of them) were listed in the Emmy's memorium segment. This was devoted to movie folk only, which is why lots of names may have seemed unfamiliar. And like they said, you can't fit them all in, unless you wanted James Taylor to keep singing the same song, over and over...

I was glad to see some color in the dresses. Am sick and tired of black outfits only. There were some hideous outfits out there. There was the one that looked like a nudibranch. Fine on a sea slug, but not a person. I did not like Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit at all, despite the raves from some critics. I hate to say it, but in one segment when she was on stage, I was thinking Bride of Frankenstein. Really, the backlighting and dress. Shudder. I shall have to find the ever-present best and worst dressed articles, which I'm sure are all over the internet. Ben Stiller in Avatar outfit may give me nightmares...

George Clooney had some wonderful facial expressions and that man still looks good with gray hair!  Um, um, some of the jokes worked, others didn't, the "oh look who's in the audience" ran overly long. I saw no need for a dance segment, but was thrilled to see "Up" win but all the others were fantastic too. I want to see those animated shorts. Hopefully IFC will show 'em (unless they already did)...

And after speedsearching all of the Oscars, that's about it. I mean, gone are the days of the actors turning up stoned to accept their awards, or Cher in incredibly outlandish outfits...

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