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How I spent my weekend - in the dark, basically, and literally

I didn't pay much attention to the weather. After all, they said rainy and windy. Even the cat, as you can see, was unconcerned.

Kitty is happy, and in fact, continued to sleep through it all.

Well, it rained, it poured and it was windy, as you can see from the above video, and then poof, around 4 pm on Saturday, the lights went out. So did cable. Blast!

The next day rolls around. Still no power. However, had stuck the wheelbarrow outside so we had water to flush toilets. When you have a well, you can't flush toilets without power.

Went out, found this a few roads down. Now, I know the winds didn't do this. Probably a vehicle sliding into it.

Well, ain't going that way. This was a BIG tree that hadn't been there the night before. Right were you see the orange cone on the left, is the phone poll where the fuse had blown out. THen, an hour later, the tree went "timber!". It sat like this, with detour signs, for just over a day. However, they got it fixed very early this morning as it was a major commuting route.

Further on, the entire grassy area, always dry, had turned into a lake. That water saturation, combined with high winds, took out this tree by the roots. This happened a LOT all over the place.

This one hasn't changed. The tree fell over and is supported by power lines. However, this is not a major road, so it's last on the list to be repaired.

Well, this is a dead end (you can barely see 'no outlet' on the yellow sign) and the bright pink signs (new) warns of live wires. A real mess. I found this on a back road.

This is a parking lot. However, it's flooded out, which is from....

The river. The trees in front? Not normally underwater. It definitely went over its banks.

And another view. Very raging river stuff.

And we got our power back around 5:30 this morning. Only good thing? it wasn't ice, and we're not in New Jersey, which looks just awful. We actually got off pretty good considering all the damage in the tri-state area.

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