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David Hewlett in new trailer for SPLICE

David Hewlett can be seen in a new trailer for the movie SPLICE, due out for release June 4th. The movie, directed by Vincenzo Natali, stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley and, of course, David Hewlett!

The VARIETY review (at http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117941994.html?categoryid=1237&cs=1) said "Easily the sexiest genetics researchers on the planet, lovers/lab partners Clive (Brody) and Elsa (Polley) have had great success recombining DNA from different animals to synthesize potentially life-saving proteins, and are eager to take the next step and "incorporate human DNA into the hypertemplate." But they hit a wall with their corporate masters (David Hewlett, Simona Maicanescu), who rule against further experimentation in favor of a less controversial, more immediately profitable next step." That's the only mention of David (and the rest of review has some spoilers). Oh, his character's name is Barlow.


He's around the 30 second mark. Here are some screencaps.


David Hewlett, SPLICE

David Hewlett, Splice movie


or here

The official site is at http://www.splicethefilm.com/

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