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Update on Jason Momoa's CONAN movie

Jason Momoa is mentioned in USA Today today.


 On article on myth-based tales

Conan (Summer 2011)

Robert E. Howard's barbarian lives again in a new R-rated adventure that will be transferred into 3-D. The 6-foot-5 Hawaiian-born Jason Momoa (TV's Baywatch) follows in Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscular footsteps as the stoic Cimmerian who delivers payback for the murder of his father (Ron Perlman) and destruction of his village. "It's a simple story of revenge and love," says producer Avi Lerner, whose company also is doing a Red Sonja update and is eyeing a new Hercules. "Jason and Arnold are similar in that they are both very likable. The character is not always a nice person, yet the audience can forgive him for what he does."

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