wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

What I did on my weekend

Bought books! Got poison ivy!

First, my haul from the local library book sale.

library book sale

I think you can detect a pattern. All the Douglas Preston-Lincoln Child books. I've read them all from the library, but I did want to get paperbacks and at 50 cents each, can't pass it up! The rest, well, disaster novels. There wasn't much in either department (romance novels and James Patterson books abounded!). And oh yes, the disco CD set. Very cool! Okay, I do like some disco and at $6 for 3 CDs...

THen I gardened and got poison ivy. Icky picture here: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c365/wraithfodder/poison_ivy_next_day.jpg  And it's spreading. Ah, this is part of what I dislike about spring/summer, etc. That and ticks. Eeeeuuu..

And oh, a cute little mouse I rescued....

cute mouse

Soooooooo cute. Could not kill. I know, they chew up things but I released it back into the, er, uh, not wild. The basement. Well, the cat goes in there. It's probably an ex-mouse by now...

And that's about it. And oh  yeah, doing taxes. Such a joy. NOT.
Tags: books, critters
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