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New (old) photo of Joe Flanigan + Ben Browder


JOE FLANIGAN - was the only male regular star on TV's SISTERS; co-starred
with Elizabeth Montgomery in her last TV movie; co-starred with Jacqueline
Bisset and Michael Onkean in a DANIELLE STEELE  epic for TV; co-starred with
Juliette Lewis in a film titled THE OTHER SISTER; he was co-star on the short
lived new series "FIRST MONDAY" which starred James Garner. Joe is now the
star of STARGATE: ATLANTIS. After doing so many pilots, this one sold. In a
recent phone call to Gerald, Joe stated that it's "kinda fun playing cops a
nd robbers with MACGYVER".

Then go to the gallery section and study that middle photo ;)

--thanks to http://community.livejournal.com/daily_flan/ for finding this photo

And, just out on the news, Ben Browder has joined the cast of the TV pilot HELLCATS. Yech, CW, but hey, it's work.


In other pilot castings, Ben Browder, repped by Gersh and Hank McCann, rounds out the series regular cast of the CW’s Hellcats.
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