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Comprehensive List of Vancouver Stargate 2010 Convention links, pt 2/2

And here are the LiveJournal/Blog entries for the 2010 Stargate Vancouver convention. Alas, no videos yet!





Text excerpt: Then! The Main Event! Hewlett. Flanigan. Ninety minutes of octane fueled hilarity.



Photos: David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Chris Heyerdahl, Michael Shanks, Colin Cunningham,


http://crysothemis.dreamwidth.org/117201.html or


First pics from Vancouver 2010 – David and Joe


http://crysothemis.dreamwidth.org/117264.html or


Report from Vancouver – The Joe and David Show


Text plus pics. Really nice breakdown!

http://crysothemis.dreamwidth.org/117660.html or


Bonus Pix from Vancouver – Rachel


http://crysothemis.dreamwidth.org/117785.html or


Bonus Pix from Vancouver – Joe Laughing



Hewlett & Flanigan in Vancouver - I laughed so hard I cried.
Text excerpt: Today was THE day at the "Stargate" con in Vancouver. (How amazing that there are these big conventions in a city that I live in. How amazing that it only cost $50 for a day pass and I got to see MICHAEL SHANKS, DAVID HEWLETT and JOE FLANIGAN, amongst others, all in one day!)



Whoa, I’m back home!

Text only. Excerpt: wouldn't say this Stargate convention was better than last year. This year and last year were both equal in their unabashed geekiness. No set tours this year due to some unavoidable circumstances, so everyone who had the tour as part of their package got $150 credit. Which was cool and kind of annoying at the same time. Money to spend on whatever you want? Cool.



Photos of David and Joe



Photo with Joe and David



Photo of David



Con Report: SG Vancouver Con Day 1

Text excerpt: Christopher Heyerdahl...
...is AMAZING. Seriously, the man is hilarious and so so friendly. I don't really remember how he said it exactly, but I think it was that he met Joe in the green room, and then Joe kissed him? Chris described it as 'heavenly' and 'delicious' XD (extensive text!)



Con Report: SG Vancouver Con Day 2

Text excerpt: Rachel Lutrell
Rachel looked beautiful, as always. She sang a little bit for us, and told us that she will be heading to the recording studio in a few weeks to record her CD! It will have some 1940s songs, folk songs, and country/western. [again, lots of text!]



Stargate Necklance, Van Con and a Little Bit of Doctor Who

Photo of necklace and some text



So… I went to Vancouver, part 1

Text plus pics. Excerpt: [Michael Shanks] Apparently he's working on a Christmas movie possibly later this summer, so I look forward to that (as Under The Mistletoe is one of my favorite Christmas movies, ever.) [I would expect more entries will be made]

So... I went to Vancouver, part 2

So after Michael's panel was Steve Bacic (who I was mostly interested in for his work on "The Guard") I didn't get to hear his entire panel but I did ask him which was his most challenging episode to do. Apparently it was the one where his character had to deal with some issues with his father (who is elderly) and his sisters want to move him from his room in a retirement facility. (Yes I'm trying to be vague because there are some people who haven't seen this stuff).







Joe and David and fan photos



Photos of Joe, some spoilers for “Good Day for It”



Text plus pics: Yesterday at the Joe photo op, the camera man's flash stopped working!



That which didn’t kill me…

Text excerpt: One little boy wanted to ask a question of David Blue. He was adorable. Then he had to say 'Hi, Eli' a few times. Poor David. Hee hee.



Joe and David - Rivalry, they haz it!

Text + photos! Excerpt: I *can* tell you that David broke Joe at least 3 times. Completely broke him, snapped like a twig, lost it and doubled over laughing *broken*. It was a sight to behold, and David looked *very* pleased with himself.



Turn out the lights

Joe and David pictures and Michael Shanks



Stargate Convention

Text excerpt: The second highlight of the day came as a double package as David Hewlett took to the stage, closely followed by Joe Flanigan! The chemistry and interaction between these two was incredible as they kept us in stitches for 90 minutes, playing off each other but still managing to answer fans questions with immense enthusiasm – it was a privilege to be there and great to see the guys reliving some of the on-screen interaction these two wonderful actors have.



Stargate Convention

Text excerpt: First day and a good day.  Started with Peter Williams then Dan Payne and Dan Shea, followed by William B Davis then Cliff Simon. 



Day 4 – Vancouver

Text excerpt: So back to the hotel and go see Andee Frizzell who as usual is good value for money. There seems to be a caucus of disappointment with the lighting in the auditorium, they have decided to turn the house lights off during most of the performance with just the high-intensity spots on the person on stage.



Day 5 - Vancouver

Text excerpt: This is an example of one of the better ones, so not to bad I think. The rest of the day is taken up with convention stuff, the highlight being these two in the picture. What a scream, I haven't laughed so much for ages, Hewlett is worth the cost of the ticket on his own, brilliant. (picture of David and Joe)




Day 6 – Vancouver

Text excerpt: Popped in to see a bit Rachel Luttrell then the Stargate Universe four-actor panel, which was  really good, I must give it another go when we get home.


WE ---------------------------- Winter Elf’s entries -------------------WE



SG Vancouver 2010 – Saturday, pt 2

Photos of  Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett



SG Vancouver 2010 – Saturday, pt 3

More photos of  Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett



SG Vancouver 2010 – Saturday

More photos of  Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett



Stargate Vancouver 2010-Saturday (David Hewlett)

Text plus pictures. Excerpt: The evil snow monkey film does not have a name yet. It might not even be a film. It all depends on if he can edit it into one. There were some problems - like having to film with no snowmobiles and faking it because the snowmobiles didn't show up.



Saturday Vancouver 2010 – Saturday (Joe Flanigan)

Text plus pictures. Excerpt: Joe started talking, and David kept poking his head in from behind the curtain 'is it time yet?', then he'd go away for a few more minutes. Then poke back 'is it time yet?'. LOL. Finally he just came onstage after maybe 15 minutes? It wasn't very long. There was someone asking Joe a question and David literally POUTED 'I'll just be over HERE'. It was too funny. (and Joe pouted if a question was asked of David and not him).


WR------------------------------------------------------- WR


Wormhole Riders blog entries



Pre VanCon Auroris Entertainment Fan Party Fun in Burnaby BC!

Text plus

Photos: fans, Mountise!, Dan Payne, Aleks Paunovic, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore,



Annual Auroris Entertainment Fan Party

Text plus photos

Photos: Fans, Patrick Gilmore, Dan Payne, Aleks Paunovic, Peter Kelamis,



Vancouver Stargate 2010 “VanCon” – Day One: The Madness Begins

Text plus

Photos: Peter Williams, Dan Shea, Dan Payne, Cliff Simon,



Vancouver Stargate 2010 Convention with Special Fan Interviews – Day 2 Recap: We Will Survive

Text plus photos on auction and more

Photos: Colin Cunningham, James Bamford,



Vancouver Stargate 2010 – Shanks Flanigan Hewlett – Day 3: Chaos

Text plus pics with Michael Shanks, Steve Bacic, Joe Flanigan, Chris Heyerdahl, David Hewlett



My Weekend at VanCon

Text on April 17 and 18

Photos: Michael Shanks, Chris Heyerdahl, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan

Photos: N John Smith, Rachel Luttrell,

Photos: SGU – Brian J Smith, David Blue, Elyse Levesque, Mark Burgess

Visit previous entry at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/415875.html for photo links. 


And that’s it, at least for now!

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