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Forbes article on Joe Flanigan's "A Good Day for It" movie

Since it's a press release, I'm posting it here basically in its entirety :)


Press Release
QED Connect Inc.'s Acquisition Target, Nazz Productions, Signs Distribution Deal
04.28.10, 9:00 AM ET

MANCHESTER, N.H., April 28, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QED Connect Inc. ("QED Connect") (Pink Sheets:QEDN), a New York corporation, today announced that Nazz Productions, Inc., ("Nazz Productions"), has licensed all international distribution rights in Nick Stagliano's suspense thriller, "Good Day For It," to Curb Entertainment. QED Connect recently signed a definitive agreement to purchase Nazz Productions.

"Good Day For It," written by Stagliano and James Canfield Wolf, is a modern day western set over the course of one day. It is reminiscent of "High Noon" and "A History of Violence." The film, which stars Academy Award nominee Hal Holbrook, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Robert Englund, Kathy Baker, Samantha Mathis, Mika Boorem, Joe Flanigan, Christian Kane and Richard Brake, is currently in post-production.

Mr. Stagliano, President of Nazz Productions, stated, "I am extremely excited to be working with Curb Entertainment and with Carole Curb, who has over 20 years' experience in the international film distribution business. We have received indications of interest from multiple distributors in connection with the promo reel alone. Ms. Curb showed the most enthusiasm as well as a very aggressive sales plan, which she began at the recent Berlin Film Market. Nazz Productions expects to generate sales commencing in the 2nd quarter of this year."

Mr. Makmann, CEO of QED Connect, commented that he was very pleased with the progress of Nazz Productions and that the acquisition of Nazz Productions should be completed in the next several weeks. Additionally, Mr. Makmann stated that the acquisition of ProRemote Solutions, announced on January 29, 2010, has been cancelled.


Good Day For It Action, 2010
Cast: Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Samantha Mathis, Mika Boorem, Robert Englund, Christian Kane, Lance Henriksen, Kathy Baker
Director: Nick Stagliano

 Forced to leave town when he betrayed Lyle Tyrus, the ruthless leader of a rural crime gang, in order to save his sick daughter's life, Luke has stayed away to protect Sarah and Emily from Tyrus' vengeance. Fifteen years later, Emily nurses a burning desire to see her father. Luke agrees to meet on the outskirts of town, but as father and daughter embrace in the local cafe, fate intervenes as Lyle's brother Norman, and his killing crew Wayne Jackson and Dale Acton just happen to stop in. At the cafe, Luke meets Hec Hawkins and Rose Carter, the cook and waitress, who know a man in need when they see one. Adding to the suspense is that cafe's regular customer, Deputy Doug Brady. As tension builds throughout the day, Luke is forced to make a decision before Lyle and his gang return to exact their revenge. Does he leave his daughter behind again, or wait for his worst nightmare to walk straight through the cafe's door?

Thanks to Crys for that.</p>


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