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More on the Joe Flanigan photo project

Ah, more news on Joe Flanigan on this has come out of Fedcon. Quoting http://sherry57.livejournal.com/3160.html

 One thing however - I did ask Joe if he could give us more info about the twitter on Martin Firrell's site saying he was preparing for a photo shoot with Joe. Joe was a little surprised and said, 'News travels fast'. He then told us he's going to be photographed by Firrell as part of the Hero work, as 'Firrell seems to think I'm a hero, go figure') (of course the audience clapped their agreement).

He then said, his photo will be displayed in very big size on famous buildings in London. He hesitated a moment, then said 'I hope not on the sanitation building! Maybe Buckingham Palace, yes I'd like that!' As ever, Joes's sense of timing in his delivery of this answer shows what a good performer he is. Most of the other questions led to stories we've heard before - Jason mooning Hewlett from the car on the way home, Joe's uncontrollable hair despite heavy duty stuff from make-up during his recording of Providence etc

And if you visit http://twitter.com/martinfirrell twitter account, he's got some interesting tweets, so he's soliciting comments!

John Sheppard's worst qualities?
John Sheppard's best qualities?
Fine Art exploration of heroism in popular culture, Atlantis, Sheppard: video shoot with JF.
What makes Major John Sheppard a great man?
Prepping for shoot with Joe Flanigan on the 10th: Nathan Fillion, shortly: Hero-remixed is on its way...

and, thanks to Jagoda at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JoeFlaniganOnline/

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