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SPOILERS for "Misbegotten"

Realized I should put ALL spoilers in separate entries! From the TV Zone Stargate special which is out in England, but sniff, but the States yet :(

"Beckett goes offworld in 'Misbegotten' and ends up being taken hostage by Michael (Connor Trinneer). [Director] Martin Wood wanted to do a homage to Michael' where he's strapped down to a bed and my character is performing biological tests on him. In this story, Michael straps Beckett down and interrogates him. It's really great scene with me and Connor Trinneer in a tent and his character is circling the bed that Beckett is strapped to while at the same time torturing him. Suddenly, the doctor is now being tortured for what he's done, and all the time Beckett is thinking, 'This is it. He's going to kill me'. Thankfully he doesn't because I'm in the next episode, jokes the actor.

     --thanks to TJ for typing it up

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