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FedCon links #2: Blogs, LJs & more: Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett

Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett  attended FedCon XIX in Bonn, Germany over the April 30 - May 2, 2010 weekend. This post consists of blogs and live journal entries, etc. found easily via Google and other searches. Of course there may be more, but figured I'd better post while I had a nice chunk already searched out :) A couple sentences are excerpted from each one but the entries are much bigger.


You missed FedCon XIX? You were there but don't want it to be over? - Special-DVD Atlantis

Back from FedCon and still fighting the con-blues. A little thing that could help would be the prospect of a DVD that includes the complete Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett Panels and Interviews because the regular con-DVD only includes excerpts of everything in favor of having all guests on it.
BUT ...
If enough people are interested, then there's the possibility of a special-DVD including the complete panels and interviews of the actors of *one* series. At least that's what their homepage says and in the past they actually did this for BSG. *Before* this year's con they've already planned one for BSG again. Now, DH and JF were a big success at the con, if enough people display their interest then a special DVD for Atlantis could be very well possible.



Alle Jahre wieder…kommt nicht nur das Christkind, sondern auch die FedCon – und das nun schon seit 18 Jahren. Sie wird zwar offiziell als Nummer 19 ausgegeben, aber die 13. wurde seinerzeit ja wegen Aberglaubens übersprungen.
Und wie in jedem Jahr wurde auch die FedCon 2010 mit einer Pressekonferenz eröffnet, bei der die Medienvertreter die Gelegenheit hatten, die anwesenden Schauspieler mit Fragen zu bombardieren. Wie jedes Jahr waren natürlich auch dieses Mal nicht alle angekündigten Stargäste bereits zur Pressekonferenz anwesend. So fehlten neben den Stargästen, die ohnehin im Vorfeld abgesagt hatten (James Darren aus unbekannten Gründen, Michael Trucco wegen Dreharbeiten und Harry Groener wegen vulkanbedingter Flugangst), bei der Pressekonferenz unter anderem Torchwoods Gareth David-Lloyd, die Stargate: Atlantis Ikonen David Hewlett und Joe Flanigan und Chase Masterson, die alle erst im Laufe des Tages eintreffen sollten.

FedCon 19 - Part 1


Maybe I can think of some more things from her panel when everything has calmed down. Right now its just bits and pieces floating around in my really messed up brain.
After Terry Farrell David Hewlett's panel from Stargate Atlantis followed. It was a blast. This guy is funny as hell must be hot. You got a very McKay-ish vibe from him.... but in a very poritive sense. He was talking about "A dog's breakfast" (yes, it was the same toothbrush he used in the beginning, they tried to use a different one, but it didin't work out while shooting, so he really used the same brush).


Fedcon 19


Photos of fan with Joe and David and others


Fedcon, Bonn


Day one was great. The crowd is really good and sooo many people!!
Opening ceremony was really well done. All actors at con came on stage with exception of one - yeah, Joe Flanigan got aff at the wrong metro station and wasn't there in time for the ceremony!!


Fedcon XIX


So all the actors came on stage...first time I saw James Marsters and David Hewlett live. :D
Joe Flanigan was supposed to be there, too but he wasn't. But then we got a message from him...kinda like: "I fucked up! Went one station too far. Will be there in about 10 minutes...ended up in Bad Godesberg." XD After the opening we went outside to get some fresh air and we saw him arriving at the hotel. He's a kinda shy guy sometimes. We welcomed him, he waved, smiled and went inside. He looked very taaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. ♥ First time ever I saw "John Sheppard" live. Felt very weird for some seconds. ♥ (and many pics)



So, was gibt es noch zu berichten von der FedCon, denn schließlich waren nicht nur Joe und David da, sondern auch noch andere tolle Schauspieler. Mein erstes Panel war mit Gordon Michael Woolvett. Der ist total süß und erzählte viel von den Dreharbeiten für Andromeda. Er hätte sich gewünscht, es hätte mal eine Episode gegeben, in der er Kevin Sorbo mal in den Hintern treten könnte (kick his ass). (photos too)




We missed the costume contest because we went to get in line for Gareth’s photo shoot and after sitting there for almost two hours (well we went early) they told us there wouldn’t be a photo shoot, because Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett still had a mile long line. I think they didn’t realize how popular these guys would be.


Joe Flanigan did the lemon-juggle on the FedCon in Bonn


had to laugh again, because some fans ask David a question, and Joe started to fool around on the stage. "God I'm so bored...." LOL and turned around to the basket full of lemons and juggled with them. He also threw a lemon at David after that, because David imitated him when he noticed it....."Oh look, I'm a circus clown......" or something like that was what he'd said.......God, these two were so great and amazing and they really were in a wonderful good mood, I enjoyed it to the fullest to watch and listen to them.



Fedcon, Day 2

When we recover from being caught I'll fill you in on the rest of the news. One thing however - I did ask Joe if he could give us more info about the twitter on Martin Firrell's site saying he was preparing for a photo shoot with Joe. Joe was a little surprised and said, 'News travels fast'. He then told us he's going to be photographed by Firrell as part of the Hero work, as 'Firrell seems to think I'm a hero, go figure') (of course the audience clapped their agreement).


Fedcon (with pictures!)


Fedcon is over and I think the way to describe the experience is an emotional rollercoaster.
Photos cancelled then put back on, autographs queued for, cancelled then back on, then off!
I head back to Paris tomorrow and I need the rest of the week to recover, calm down and write a proper report.
Lots of high points but personally the biggest, enormous disappointment was leaving with no autograph from Joe Flanigan after queuing a total of three and a half hours! I'm sure you can all understand how I feel.
Did manage to sneak sound of David and Joe on stage so will put that on for you as soon as poss.


Home in Paris from Fedcon


When Joe and David arrived on stage on Sunday, 2 guys came on stage and asked them to approach the side of the stage. They gave Joe a basket to hold. David and Joe looked very uncertain and approached the side carefully. You'll hear from the sound recording we managed to get, Joe sounding very hesitant. They were asked to approach a lifesize model of the tardis from Doctor Who. Joe said, 'I've already been in a Police Box' - obviously not a happy memory!



Joe Flanigan, SQUEE

But one thing I know for sure, and that is that Joe Flanigan is just wonderful and adorable, he's such a nice and friendly sympathic man, you just have to love him... I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to meet him for real....it surely was a real highlight....


The disaster that is FedCon 19 - or how to make sure that a guest star will never come back


I bought it the moment it was clear David Hewlett was gonna be there. I mean, this probably my one chance to get to see him in RL without having to board a plane and fly god knows where. So you can probably imagine my surprise, when less than a week ago suddenly it's like "Joe Flanigan is coming, too". I was thrilled.


FedCon XIX 2010


Heute gabs dann Fotosession mit David Hewlett und Joe Flanigan zusammen - und auch wenn wir 1,5 Stunden dafür anstehen mußten, Junge hat sich das gelohnt!!!! Wir sind schon beide sehr gespannt auf die Fotos morgen. Laren hat von Joe sogar nen Kommentar zu ihrem T-Shirt bekommen (da stand: "I'm with Geek" mit einem Pfeil nach oben, so wie Rodneys berühmtes "I'm with Genius" T-Shirt). Joe meinte da nur "That would be him" mit Geste auf David.


Fedcon XIX 2010 Teil 2


Ok, womit fangen wir an? Vielleicht das was wir heut als erstes gemacht haben - angestanden für Autogramme. Ihr könnt euch gar nicht vorstellen wie ewig riesig lang die Schlange für David Hewlett war. Der war eindeutig der eigentliche Star auf dieser Con - bei der Fotosession waren das knapp 600 Leute, die ein Foto von David und Joe gemeinsam haben wollten (plus photos)


Fedcon XIX 2010 Pictures


Scroll down for about 16 pics of Joe and David


Jojie and the Hew


several great and funny photos


I dunno why, but my internet connection is kinda flaky today, so only a few pics


David, Joe and others



Afterwards, Joe Flanigan was supposed to get on stage, but their Photo shoot ran late, so Tamoh Penikett went first. The hall was packed and people asked him decent questions, but really not much you couldn't have gleaned from his intro blurb in the Con flyer. //) But we sat way in front, in the third row or something (and still I didn't get any great pictures). Afterwards, finally Joe came on and people loved it. I loved it. Unfortunately, they sent him off again only twenty minutes later. :( We were all pretty sad.



David Hewlett's Panel on Friday
David began by making fun of Joe Flanigan, who'd apparently got off his train at the wrong station and missed the opening ceremony. He went on to say that he'd had 4 hours of sleep the previous night, toasted us with his beer, and proceeded to snark the hell out of his panel. (this is a nice long report on David and Joe!)


Fedcon – Day 2


(OMG the header of David on this page is HYSTERICAL!)

We get closer to 20.00 and surprise surprise. Joe Flanigans q and a is  now at 20.45. And once we get to 20.45, it's put on the screen that it now starts at 21.00. And because of that his Q and A was only 30 minutes :(


David coming on stage at the opening ceremony


Link to photo and more


Back from FedCon


There are no real "money shots" in terms of Joe/David (like where Joe had his arm around David last week at creation con), and they spent most of the time in their panel standing apart. (Joe even joked about that "We don't even like each other. That's why he's way over there and I'm here." [paraphrasing])



Panel: David Hewlett
He came on stage half-empty beer glass in hand (and was promptly served a new glass when it was empty). Every actor that night mentioned being jet-lagged and having had four hours of sleep, and David was no exception. Poor man, hopefully the beer helped.

Panel: Joe Flanigan

He told the story of how on Providence they tried using industrial strength polymer to cement down his hair, and that it still went "boing" in the middle of the shoot. (He sounds and looks like a proud little kid when he does that sound and gesture of the hair popping back up.) Apparently during his years at boarding school the headmaster once called him in to try and comb down his hair, suspecting him of doing it on purpose. Joe hinted that even though obviously he wasn't doing it on purpose he kind of liked having rebellious hair. *g*

And http://community.livejournal.com/fedcon/ is the official blog of FedCon, and they’re listing con reports, etc.




Gateworld links


http://forum.gateworld.net/threads/71787-FedCon-19-April-30-to-May-2-2010-in-Bonn-Germany?p=11471141&viewfull=1 is a thread devoted to this con. You will comments and photos here. Post #58 has a cute shot of David from ending ceremony.


And other threads with potential pictures/discussion







Here’s the ‘index’….


Con Reports



Photos and videos







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