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Update on Martin Firrell shooting with Joe Flanigan - photo!

More twitter coverage...

martinfirrell: @ladygeeke Generous, charming, smart, humane, thoughtful, funny, full of ideas about the value of sci fi, cult, very respectful of fandom


martinfirrell: Yay my brilliant assistant Kate, Project Director Emma, Camera and sound (Charlie and Christian) and top hair tamer Kat!


martinfirrell: Thanks to everyone who suggested questions: I asked as many as time would allow. Will report back once video is ready for review! ·


Joe Flanigan by Martin Firrell

(BIGGER version at link below - please click on it - the more clicks, the better!)

martinfirrell: The great man himself! http://twitpic.com/1mr3tb


martinfirrell: Extraordinarily rich and interesting shoot with Joe Flanigan. The man is a legend.


Martin also has a YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/martinfirrell and if we're lucky, he'll load up stuff on Joe!!

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