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SPX interview with Martin Firrell re Joe Flanigan & John Sheppard

This is a neat interview:


Blogger Kelly Harker finds out what the Stargate actor has been doing with artist Martin Firrell

When my good friend and hero, cultural activist/artist/writer Martin Firrell told me that he was working with Stargate Atlantis’s Joe Flanigan for a new public art project, I had to find out more! Here in my interview with Martin, he talks about his art, the importance of science fiction, what it was like to work with Nathan Fillion and Joe Flanigan, and what sci-fi inspired projects he has planned for the future.....

Why did you want to work with Joe?

Martin: “I have been wanting to work with Joe for a couple of years. But sometimes it’s difficult to make contact with an artist’s management in the right way. In the end, I gave up. Then Wendy Scott (the Webwych of Sending A Wave podcast) said she was going to a convention where Joe was appearing and she was happy to let him know I was trying to make contact. She gave Joe my email address, Joe emailed, then we spoke on the phone and agreed to work together – that was about six months ago or so, and then it was just a question of waiting for the timing to work out. I really admire Joe’s work, and the character of Sheppard is very seductive because he is so playful.”

And, as always, visit the link above for the complete article. I can't wait till this project is unveiled!  And there's even a mention of Torri Higgiinson in the interview. :)

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