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No Stargate Atlantis audiobooks in 3rd series, squirrels & wet cats & whatever

Well, just went through a month's worth of LJ entries, of course, to discover I missed about a week. Darn. Hopefully I had read all that. Anyway, lots of cute squirrel photos, a cat playing in a bathtub IN THE WATER (adorable) and Stargate Atlantis fanfiction to bookmark. Boy, do I need to buy some spare time on eBay so I can read it all!

Came across http://community.livejournal.com/gate_pages/58913.html in which it says No Stargate Atlantis audiobooks for third set.  Yes, they're set before Continuum. Also, there are no Atlantis stories. Daniel and Vala are toplining the entire set, so it'll be solely SG-1 this time out.

And don't forget, these are all full cast audios, not dramatised readings. The cast is small, admittedly, but they'll be more dialogue driven than they have been up to now.

I'd read earlier that Michael Shanks and Claudia Black were doing six, but was too busy to go back to look, and well, no Stargate Atlantis. Darn darn darn. I mean I really do like Shanks' books, but I want SGA stories too. I wonder if it was a financial decision (not enuf SGA sales?) or if the writers just didn't do SGA? Anyway, I will miss them. I was hoping they could somehow SOMEHOW get Joe Flanigan or David Hewlett to do one.

*** For some unfathomable reason I am watching the AWFUL movie Land of the Lost on cable. It sucks beyond belief.  How could anybody take what had been a decent Saturday morning live action show from decades ago and turn it into this... drivel.

Been busy doing programming for MediaWest*Con. It's basically done. A bunch of typing/organizing to do, but that's on the weekend. I hope.

Gardening may just be one tomato plant this year. Don't think I'll have time to do a real garden what with all the rest of the outside work to do. I need to win Powerball...

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