wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

The New Fall TV Season

Looks like most networks have posted their upfronts for the fall.

Oh, guess it's sorta sad that none of the cancellations bother me, except for Law & Order, which I thought had a few good years left. I mean, there are so many stories to rip from the headlines and things just get weirder every day! But I hear it might resurrect on TNT, or was it TBS. Hope so.

So, here are some links to the new shows...


I think the only show (it shows in 2011) is the new Steven Spielberg show FALLEN SKY, cuz it's sci-fi and stars Noah Wylie!


In looking at the FOX schedule

I see HUMAN TARGET has been moved to Fridays at 8pm, and the new midseason TERRA NOVA looks interesting. It's scifi, after all!



Well, "V" will return as a mid-season replacement (which may be November the way shows go belly up). OFF THE MAP is the only new show that tickles my interest, and I should really check out CASTLE since so many people recommend it. I should just buy the whole series on DVD and pass on the ads! ;)



I'm sorta 'meh' on NBC's new lineup. I'm sorry to see the original LAW & ORDER get axed. There's really not much that screams 'watch me.'



Okay, I will check out HAWAII FIVE-O to see what they've done. Not overly fond of the overly-fast intro credits which remind me of a mishmash of Hawaii Five-O, Bionic Woman, and something else. Casting looks good, but I hope the writing is up to snuff. Bad writing is why I bailed on Alex O'Loughlin's CBS medical show, er, can't recall title. yeah, that good *cough*

And BLUE BLOODS. I like Tom Selleck - think he's done great on the JESSE STONE telemovies - so hope this will be good..

Oh, and I see CSI: MIAMI, which I barely watch any as I think it jumped the mega-shark a while ago, has been moved to the push-it-off-the-cliff Sunday 10PM slot. CSI NY got moved to Fridays at 9PM, which could be good or bad for show, but hmm, I can watch HUMAN TARGET on Fox at 8pm, CSI NY at 9pm on CBS, and then BLUE BLOODS right after. Could work. SyFy will be showing gawdawful wrestling all nght, after all.
 Oh, and BIG BANG THEORY to Thursdays. No problem there. Now I can forget Monday nights ('cept for Hawaii Five-O) as I watched other drivel just till BBT came on.

So, what do you think of the fall schedule??

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