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MediaWest*Con 30, part 2 of 4

And here is the next part of my travelogue on this convention.



Basically, once you arrive at MWC you start checking out room dealers and today I actually made some purchases. Got a lovely catnip mat for my Siamese cat, and got the only zine I was interested in – a Stargate Atlantis gen zine called “Jumper 3”. Wanting only SGA and only gen really limits me, but I’m okay with that.


Did several panels: 30 Years of MediaWest*Con. That was pretty packed as long-time fans shared the days when yes, we could stay up until 4:00 a.m. and get up at 6:00 a.m. and start all over again! And running across Saginaw highway with a 10-foot inflatable alligator (Elvis, when I was in Miami Vice fandom). The Stargate Universe panel was also full, with I’d say, ½ of audience going “okay, we’ll watch but so far not excited”, another ¼ was “nah, don’t like” and the remaining ¼ loved it. From the mix, and what I recall, those that loved SGU didn’t like or watch the previous SGs, while the biggest concern/complaint/whatever, was simply the writing and unlikable characters. Unlike a lot of behavior on the web, everyone was very civil. That was followed immediately by the Stargate Atlantis hurt/comfort panel, which went well and lots of stories were shared.


I recall we did the buffet at China East down the road. I do miss Charlie Kang’s, which was next to the hotel and had better fare (I thought) but it vanished two years, replaced by a Mexican restaurant which this year had a ‘for sale’ sign on it. Oh come on guys, bring back Dennys! Now that Michigan is smoke-free (such a blessing!) we wouldn’t have to go “yech’ upon entering Dennys like we used to.


Now at MWC, one of the great things is that you basically leave your room door open while you’re in and fans wander in and out to see if you’re selling or if they just want to chat. Many people sell old zines and such out of their rooms, as Connie was doing. I had two paperback books to sell, and ended up bringing ‘em home with me. Eh, they’ll go to a tag sale.


And a highlight of the con occurred because of this. A fan I’ve known for ages came and said “Adderly is out on DVD.” Everybody in the room went “ADDERLY!?” Yes, this dates us. Adderly was a wonderful Canadian show that ran back in the late 80s on late night CBS (before the Pat Sajak Show killed it by taking the slot). Winston Rekert played a former top spy who got his had mashed by the nasty, was relegated to the lowly Miscellaneous Affairs department, and tried to fight his way back up by solving crimes, etc. It was a fun show. Sigh. Anyway, back to the present. And my friend had another set, and of course I said, I’ll take them! So ka-ching, nice chunk of money I’d brought was gone, but ooh, Adderly….


A lot of time was spent hanging around the room, or going to the dealer’s room, or attending panels, or wandering into other fans rooms. It’s very much a relax-a-con and many fans go there just to see each other.


Oh, we went down to the pool I think (or was it Thursday, um, um). Anyway, the Jacuzzi is still under construction, and walled off, but the pool was back in business. It was also warm as bathwater! Which was good for most but I like cool water for swimming otherwise you just fade after ten minutes. We also discovered that when they reworked the pool, it was now 5’1” at its deepest, where before it had been around 6 feet or more. I think they did that because there is no lifeguard on duty, and it will lessen the risk of accidental drowning. I hope next year Jacuzzi will be up and running and hot, and the pool cool.


Now I think was the night we cracked open the Chocolate Wine (Dutch chocolate and red wine). When I first heard we had it, I went ‘uh.’ I wasn’t sure, but OMG, it’s good. Like a really smooth Kaluha and I’ll admit, it’s very deceptive. Alas, Martha poured me a full wine glass of the stuff and I just drank it down and of course, afterwards, remembered why I don’t drink red wine much! I went out in the hall and bumped into long-time friends Scott and Becky, who wondered if I’d been out running (and I was liked ‘huh what?’). Apparently the wine turned my face all red. And by the time I got back to the room I was tilting to the side so I crashed for the evening.


chocolate wine 1

chocolate wine 2

Good stuff! Hic.






More of the same. As usual, woke up too early, took a shower, made my coffee (oh, and friend Martha gave me flavored coffees so I didn’t have to drink hotel stuff), grabbed my laptop and went to the atrium. I know I met with Obelix one of those mornings, and we had a nice chat sitting outside in the courtyard. I must remember to bring a lawnchair or towel or something and just relax in there.


hotel atrium

Atrium at unearthly hour of morning, again, but no problem.


The wifi signal wasn’t so hot, but I was able to keep up with Twitter and some email, and check the mwcprogram@yahoo.com account to see if anybody had programming issues and e-mailed. Only one e-mail the entire con. Alas, the free USA Today newspapers seemed a thing of the past, but with stock market tanking, oil spill destroying the Gulf, I wasn’t too keen on news anyway.


Now to the Dunkin Donuts story. Every time I sat down in the atrium around 7:30 a.m., someone would wander by and go “oh, where’s the Dunkin Donuts?” and I’d have to tell them it’s from home! Y’see, I recycled the cup from the time we arrived until the day we left (talk about recycling!). Maybe I should stock up and sell DD coffee at the con next year… Hmm….


More panels! The SyFy Channel panel, where we discussed why we love such wretched movies, and we shared our favorite. Then there was the Actor-Fan Interaction on Twitter, etc. panel, where we talked about the pros and cons of fans and actors getting too close. The recent SGU fracus came up, as well as earlier ones and ones I hadn’t even heard about. Followed by a general Stargate Atlantis Fanfic Panel, more sharing of fic, and it went well cuz well, people are still writing SGA fanfic.


Oh, can’t recall which day it was, think it was Saturday, but Connie came back with a John Barrowman DVD. Now I’d only seen him as Captain Jack on Doctor Who and was eh, take him or leave him, but was quite impressed with his dancing/singing skills. He’s a hoot! We also (courtesy of friend Martha) got to see the first episode of the 11th Doctor Who. He’s good, but I think Tennant is my favorite doctor. Ah, it’s so nice to have friends who have BBC America cuz stupid Cablevision does not carry that channel!


Pretty sure this was the night I did dinner with Cindy and Jeannie, friends from the old War of the Worlds days (the 1989 TV series with Richard Chaves and Jared Martin). Linda came along and we managed to fit four fans into her tiny CONVERTIBLE. Fortunately Finley’s was just a hop down the road. Did the Hawaiian chicken and we had a great time chatting about fandom, family, and of course, is there anything interesting left on TV to watch??






Got another catnip mat for friend Maryann, who we were visiting in Columbus, Ohio right after the con. Let’s see, the annual blaster battle was that day or night or both, and they were pretty quiet. I saw them run past the room a few times. More dealer’s room, more panels, more eating (and I then pawned off the remains of the chocolate cake to Deb and Peggie, who do NOT say no to chocolate cake). I’ll have to make another cake next year. Watched more DVDs – most Stargate Atlantis and Adderly. Amazing how many Adderly fans there are, and lots of Stargate Atlantis fans too.


More panels! Illusion-Internet, about intimacy with celebrities (online, etc.), and how it can go wrong, or right.  The My Fandom Makes Me Want to Hit It with A Big Stick went off-topic here and there, but basically, we’re fans, and some fans behave badly, so that was discussed, or how TPTB can sometimes tick off the fans as well. It basically boiled down to “we want a movie!” in the Stargate Atlantis: It’s Over, What’s Next. Occasionally the panel steered off to what wasn’t liked about SGU (sorry folks, but not everybody likes the show) but it never got ugly. And then there was two hours of the fan-run Whose Line Is It Anyway? In which David and Spencer were the highlights.


Met many furry fans.






Kitty toasting in window



This cat was at the ‘Cathouse’. Wander in and get a kitty fix ;)



A very lovely cat. You could come in and pet her for a nickel, all proceeds going to an animal shelter. MWC is very pet friendly.


Ah, some more shots around hotel.



Scott & Becky

Scott and Becky, long-time friends.


how to ride your chocolate cake

How to Train Dragon plate with dragon crushed under chocolate cake. Oh, the horrors….



Wall opposite elevators. Each floor had containers for trash and recycling cans. Next year it may be extended to more. Flyers get posted wherever hotel allows and even the inside of elevators were full of flyers.






We packed up the car, did the Dead Dog Panel, then went to Tim Horton’s where I dithered over what to get to eat, settling on the BLET or BELT, whatever, breakfast sandwich, which was surprisingly light and fluffy and I want a Tim Horton’s in my area! We knew there was foul weather ahead as we’d checked out the computers in the lobby


Lots of saying goodbye to friends, and realizing once I got home that I missed a few! In fact, one friend of many years was rooming just two doors down and I didn’t realize it. Lots of fen bring their pets (cats, dogs, birds) and you can easily bump into people taking their dogs down in elevator for their daily walks.


But then we drove to Ohio, and the closer we got the stormier it got.


storm clouds


Lightning! About time! Then the skies opened up and it POURED. Here’s a video of part of our drive.


Watch the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BISVjtwk5LE or



We arrived at our friend Maryann’s house, and ah hah, Kenny (Maryann’s son who is now in college – geez, makes me feel old as I’ve known Maryann since she before she was married!) was not there, so the cats were fair game. The fluffy white one and the black one, whom I called ‘wide load’ because he’s big. I mean, you can get a hernia picking him up!



The white one loves me. Can’t you tell?



Wide load, as I call him, as he’s BIG!


Anyway, I soon became the cat’s good pal when I brought out the catnip mat.  We then went over to a friend of Maryann’s and did a Memorial Day barbecue, then went back to her place, where we crashed for the evening.






Left at 2:30, er, 3:00 a.m. after bidding fond farewells. Luckily it an uneventful drive back and we listened to lots of audio books/dramas, such as the new Stargate Atlantis series by BigFish, and a Doctor Who audio drama – “Pest Control” – narrated by David Tennant. Good stuff!  Of course, went to the Snow Show Restaurant where I thought, geez, diet is blown anyway, I’ll  be better at home so did the same breakfast! Last real meal till the next day. Rental car returned with no dings, dents or scratches and the lady at the counter said “see you next year!” as we’ve been doing this for years.


Anyway, us programming folk are looking for feedback, so if you attended the con and have comments, send them to mwcprogram@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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