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Going to the movies: David Hewlett in SPLICE

I don't go to the movies - time and lack of stuff I really want to see - but David Hewlett's SPLICE came to down and I said darnit, I'm going. Now I remember why I don't go often. Gotta sit through 15 minutes of pre-movie stuff!

Ad for TV show Hot in Cleveland
Long ad for Ford Mustang
Ad for TV show Gates
A deoderant ad (for guys)
TV ad for Hard Times of somebody or other (MTV show?)
Sherwin Wiliams Paint
2 ads for Sprint

Then some trailers...

A George Clooney movie "The American"
"Lottery Ticket"
"The Last Exorcism"
"Resident Evil" Afterlife" in 3D, or it's #3 ,or something
"Jonah Hex" - it's the only one I recognized

By the time they all ended I was beginning to forget why I was in the theater, but then...

...SPLICE finally started, and I enjoyed the movie. David Hewlett played a corporate baddie of sorts and you could see little bits of McKay leak through here and there ;)  I won't say what happens to his character, in case you go see it. Basically, the film is a nice study of sliding down that slippery slope to Hell with "okay, just one more day" or one more experiment, etc. I've liked Sarah Polley since her Avonlea days. The SPX were very good, and Dren was intriguing. Adorable as a child, and scarier has she grew/evolved. Won't say much more. It's a horror movie/morality play of sorts, so expect squickiness along the way, as well as morality issues. And like in real life, things don't end as you'd like them to end.
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