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Two new Stargate Atlantis novels now available!

Just got this email from Stargatenovels.com, so will print it in entirety under the cut, as it lists the ones out now, and forthcoming ones :)

Dear Stargate fan,

You may have noticed that we’ve had some problems with our production schedule recently, and we’d like to apologise for any frustration that has caused to our readers. We’re happy to say, however, that those problems are behind us now and we’d like to share with you what we have coming up over the next few months.  With a mixture of STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS books, there’s something for everyone! 


June 2010 - available from our website NOW!


STARGATE ATLANTIS: Dead End by Chris Wraight

Stranded on a frozen planet only days from global catastrophe, Colonel Sheppard and his team discover a people – and a mystery – long forgotten by the Ancients.  But with the Stargate inoperable and their Puddle Jumper damaged, there is no way to escape the dying world of Khost.  And then disaster strikes.  With half the team going missing, Sheppard and McKay must battle the elements and the limits of endurance to bring their friends home.

 Series No.: SGA-12 

RRP:$7.95 (US) | £6.99 (UK) 

ISBN: 978-1-905586-22-6
Click for more info




STARGATE ATLANTIS: Hunt and Run by Aaron Rosenberg

Ronon Dex is a mystery.  His past is a closed book and he likes it that way.  But when the Atlantis team trigger a trap that leaves them stranded on a hostile world, only Ronon’s past can save them – if it doesn’t kill them first.  As the gripping tale unfolds, we return to Ronon’s earliest days as a Runner and meet the charismatic leader who transformed him from prey into a hunter of Wraith…. 


Series No.: SGA-13 

RRP:$7.95 (US) | £6.99 (UK) 

ISBN: 978-1-905586-44-8
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Coming in August 2010


STARGATE SG-1: The Power Behind the Throne by Steve Savile

SG-1 are asked by the Tok’ra to rescue a creature known as Mujina.  The last of its species, Mujina is devoid of face or form and draws its substance from the needs of those around it.  The creature is an archetype – a hero for all, a villain for all, depending upon whose influence it falls under.  And the Goa’uld Apophis, understanding the potential for havoc Mujina offers, has set his heart on possessing the creature…


STARGATE SG-1: Four Dragons by Diana Dru Botsford

Shortly after Daniel Jackson returns from his time among the ascended Ancients, he volunteers to join an archaeological survey of Chinese ruins on P3Y-702.  But after accidentally activating a Goa’uld transport ring, Daniel finds himself a prisoner of the goa’uld Lord Yu.  Blaming himself for Daniel’s capture, Jack O’Neill  vows to get him back – even if it means taking matters into his own hands.


September 2010


STARGATE ATLANTIS: Brimstone by David Niall Wilson & Patricia Lee Macomber

When a moon inexplicably leaves its planetary orbit for a collision course with its own sun, Rodney McKay’s interest is peaked.  What he discovers is enough to make him dance, for an entire Ancient city – the size of Atlantis – is there for the taking.  But the city is not as abandoned as he had first believed and the team soon encounter a sect of unascended Ancients living far beneath the its surface…


STARGATE ATLANTIS: Death Game by Jo Graham

Waking up on an alien world, in the wreckage of a Puddle Jumper, is never good.  Waking up with no idea where you are or how you got there is much worse.  Suffering from a serious head wound, John Sheppard slowly puts the pieces together and discovers that his team is scattered across a tropical archipelago, unable to communicate with each other and cut off from the Stargate.  Badly injured, he and Teyla are taken prisoner by the local population and sent as tribute to the planet’s mysterious overlord.  Meanwhile, Ronon, McKay, and Zelenka form an unlikely rescue team as they search the planet for their friends...


Look out for more news soon, including details of books hitting the shops before Christmas and the launch of our groundbreaking new Stargate Atlantis ‘Legacy’ series that picks up where season five left off.  And if you want a sneak preview, check out the in depth interview with two of the Stargate Atlantis 'Legacy' authors in the next edition of the Official Stargate Magazine!


Happy 'gating!

Fandemonium Books


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