wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Michael Shanks' ARCTIC BLAST at Film festival

If it wasn't so far (like across the globe!), I'd go see it.


or http://bit.ly/arcticice

THE Tasmanian film Arctic Blast will have its premiere at the fifth Canadian Film Festival in Sydney in August. The sci-fi action thriller, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, is an Aussie-Canadian co-production starring Canadian Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) and Australia's Indiana Evans, Alexandra Davies and Robert Mammone. The eco-thriller, about a solar eclipse blasting super-chilled air towards the Earth, is Trenchard-Smith's first Australian film in more than a decade. "I am proud to have made a movie with a climatologist as the hero," he says. "Shooting in Tasmania with a crew of young enthusiasts and fellow old lags was a blast, an Arctic blast in fact." Sydney's Canadian Film Festival runs from August 2 to 8.

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