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Richard Dean Anderson joins Twitter, and Stargate magazine to close

Finally got myself some Stargate SG1 icons :)

First, well, Richard Dean Anderson has taken the dive and joined twitter. You can follow him at http://twitter.com/andersonrdean. This morning he had about 300 followers. As I post now, he's over 2,000. And he's made just two tweets! Nice background picture though :)

Secondly, read today over at http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/2010/06/official-stargate-magazine-closing-down/ that The Official Stargate Magazine is shutting down. I must admit, it some respects it does not surprise me. First, the news is usually old and already known via the gazillion internet sources. Secondly, the issues are now $9.99 each. Even at only six a year, you sit back and go $10? $10 for a magazine? I can see the high price though, due to lower volume, which boils down to what I suspect is the real reason it's going under: lack of readership. That's my guess. When Stargate Atlantis got the axe, I can't tell you how many fans grumbled afar about not buying the magazine anymore because they wanted SGA, not SGU. Are SGU fans buying it? It's hard to tell. I must admit, as a completist I do have them all, figuring well, it can't last forever (how little did I know). So have two more issues to buy and that's it. Magazines devoted to a single show usually have a limited life. As much as I've enjoyed CSI, I just couldn't get into buying the magazines.

There is stuff in the magazine that's not on the web, but with the magazine closing, perhaps fan-run sites will get more interviews, or MGM, provided it doesn't go under too!
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