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Books, books and a few more books

Just finished THE FOOTPRINTS OF GOD, good book! It's one I picked up at a library book sale for 50 cents. Money well spent. I do recommend that one.

So, back to the library. And unfortunately, so is everyone else. At this rate I won't be reading the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child 'Pendergast' novel FEVER DREAM until Fall! But then again, big library book sale at end of July so maybe I can pick it up for a few bucks... Just finished the thriller SEA CHANGE by James Powlik, about a 'slick' in the ocean that eats people and fish and even causing damage on land. It was a pretty good read, and everytime they used booms to contain the slick, all I could think of was the Gulf oil spill. ... next up is MUTANT by Peter Clement, a medical thriller of sorts about DNA and H5N1 and how people shouldn't muck about genetidcally engineering stuff as hoardes of folks will die horribly. Well, I'm only about 20 pages into book but it looks like it's heading that way :)

Last, saved for July 4th weekend, is the new Stargate Atlantis novel DEAD END. Am holding out on that  for the 3-day weekend (I hope I get time!) plus i'm also eagerly reading kristen999 's RED SANDS novella, which she's posting a part of every other day (it's 16 parts). Nice deep survival tale with Sheppard and Ronon. Good stuff!

And I suppose I should read the instruction manual for the DVR...

Tags: books, stargate atlantis
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