wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Joe Flanigan in "The Other Side"

And the latest tweet on Joe Flanigan...

@Topomanyare tweeted today:
is playing the lead in a new feature called " The Other Side" opposite John Rhys Davis & Joe Flanigan..woop woop filming for a month..boom

@Topomanyare's profile lists:
  • Name Yare Jegbefume
  • Location Dublin, Ireland
  • Bio Currently playing Felix Jones in Irish Soap Drama Fair City and writing a drama series for Screentime Shinawil

So, a local (Irish) actor!) Now to find a listing for film, that, or it's not the final title, which quite commonly occurs.

http://www.iftn.ie/ doesn't have that listed yet. 
Tags: ferocious planet, joe flanigan
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