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Joe Flanigan: "The Other SIde" 08/04/2010 P.M.

Some more Joe Flanigan tweets on "The Other Side" in Ireland....


Conan Dex the Barbarian Momoa just called from Belfast. Coming down to visit Sat night in Dublin. Attack from the North. Must hide beer about 7 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)


Anti-leprechaun measures executed. Awaiting casualty figures. Guiness safe and all is well again on the Emerald Isle. Movie info to follow about 12 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)


I wouldn't be so paranoid if all these damn leprechauns weren't trying to steal my Guiness about 13 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)


@Dougd71 (Douglas G. Davis, writer)


For those who don't know, the amazing Billy O'Brien is directing The Other Side. 37 minutes ago via web (Aug 4)


A smattering of info on the SyFy film The Other Side: http://rhitv.com/movies/the-other-side 43 minutes ago via web  (Aug 4)


@Smileleigh Glad Carny freaked you out! That's what I was going for. The Other Side has more action but plenty of good jumps too. about 5 hours ago via web in reply to Smileleigh (Aug 4)


@chrissymacc (Chris Newman, actor)


Busy day tomorrow. 6am pick up! Night half a minute ago via mobile web (Aug 4)


Good audition this morning... although i had to fashion a rather ridiculous hat to hide my Marine haircut! about 5 hours ago via web (Aug 4)


Bought myself a blackberry! Lots of tweets and pics to come from the set of my new movie The Otherisde starring the brilliant Joe Flanigan about 6 hours ago via web (Aug 4)


Just finished first day of filming with the American badass himself Joe Flanigan 3:36 PM Aug 3rd via web Retweeted by you and 3 others


Alas no articles. can't wait till somebody starts posting twitpics...

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