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Joe Flanigan "The Other Side" 08/05/2010

LOTS today!!

but first, a photo by Joe Flanigan, edited by me (*cough cough*

joe flanigan

Today’s tweets,. A motherlode!!




JoeFlanigan: For all those leprechaun-loving non-drinker types: go play with your Lucky Charms! yfrog.com/jbloej  (note, yfrog might trigger a virus alert due to cookies) (Aug 5) (that's the photo above, minus text)


JoeFlanigan: Another good day on set with Irish Director Billy O'Brien and English producer Adrian Sturges. Why does everything look like Canada? (Aug 5)




August 5

@beckylee09 Gotta give the fans what they want you Hound xxx ·

I mention that I'm shooting a movie with Joe Flanigan and suddenly my followers shoot up. I under-estimated the power of that man!!

twitpic.com/2bx0zx ·

twitpic.com/2bx0ug ·

My boy @Topomanyare is doing a bit better with the twit pics than i am!! ·

Everybody should follow the fabulous @dagmarvellous who also stars in "The Otherside" ·

@dagmarvellous Absolutely! such a long day. But i'm off tomorrow so sleeep :) x ·

That's a wrap on Day 3. yaaawn. Much needed day off tomorrow then back in Saturday for all kinds of Monster fun! HOORAH!



August 5
is going to hit the hay...big day tomorrow...Let's make it happen ·

@thekristen999 We are having such a blast man its great...more to come ·

@lisawest99 I shall indeed do my utmost and make you guys proud of both Joe and ourselves ·

@dagmarvellous Neither can I..been thinking about it for some time now...hope you bring breath mints lol ·

@alavitka ah he loves his stogies ·

@dagmarvellous get ready for some kissy time lol ·

@Dody39 Hey anytime, nice to give back to the fans ·

@ShirtnTie I think I might be seeing him this weekend man, not sure yet but we'll see ·

@Chrissymacc haha..dude I'm only figuring this stuff out now man lol ·

@ShirtnTie Trust me we are..he is wonderful man. Love the guy to death ·

@JoeFlanigan These leprechauns are ready to do battle with you for that pint...How far are you willing to go? ·

@PegasusAngel That massive crater in front of him lol ·

@PegasusAngel Ye we hope so...we're working pretty hard on it ·

: @FlanInfo Ah it was great fun...loved every moment in it ·

@scarletsquiggle Can't give it away but you'll see them soon ·

@scarletsquiggle Me too lol ·

@lisawest99 Anytime guys cheers for following me ·

@PegasusAngel haha , I loved been in there, probably me getting in the zone #TheOtherSide · Reply · RT

@ShirtnTie Ah thank you man, really appreciate that..trying to do my best and I'm glad I'm doing my job properly ·

@lolo_ray cheers dude x x will do boom and it'll be going up on the site x ·

@PegasusAngel It was cool but great fun #JoeFlanigan #TheOtherSide ·

@lolo_ray a new movie I'm doing called "The Other Side"..it's some crack hun x ·


@lolo_ray yes please hun x x will get more for you x yfrog.com/6957gj · [Yare in survival wrap]

@Chrissymacc twitpic.com/2bx0ug - Love it man...waiting for a few more off the guys..didn't get any today :( · [actor and crew member]

twitpic.com/2bwulp · [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]

twitpic.com/2bwui6 ·· [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]

twitpic.com/2bwsj4 · · [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]

twitpic.com/2bwtzk · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]

twitpic.com/2bwrxi · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]

twitpic.com/2bwqws · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]

twitpic.com/2bwpgh · [Joe, in pit with actor + crew]

twitpic.com/2bwp50 · [Yare in pit, oops, mud]

twitpic.com/2bwoeo · [Crew members watch as Joe Flanigan & Yare go over script pages]

twitpic.com/2bwnq0 ·[Crew members watch as Joe Flanigan & Yare go over script pages] 

twitpic.com/2bwngy · (closer shot of Joe and Yare and script sides, and oh, look, Irish moss peat!!]

twitpic.com/2bwnai · [Crew members and Yare and boom mike]

twitpic.com/2bwmyp  [Crew members and Yare and boom mike] 

Mucho big thanks, of course, to all the cast and crew who graciously tweet and twitpic for us fans! :) 

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