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TWEET Compilation - Joe Flanigan on "The Other Side" (pt 1/3)

The following is a compilation of virtually all the tweets involved with Joe Flanigan's new movie "The Other Side, from him, and rest of cast and some fan tweets too if they give us relevant information on the movie ;)

Last Updated: August 17, 2010


Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to follow Rob Soohan @robsoohan my current castmate and future target. Prepare to die, Rob! (Aug 17)

@LeeCassar HAPPY BDAY!!

Yes, Lisa, the 'Rocky Hewlett Picture Show' ·

btw, I pick on the people I like. Also, trying 2 get my residual checks sent back 2 me accidentally sent to @dhewlett. Who has the leverage?

Craig from Newfoundland suggests 'Hewlett's House of Horrors'

Maybe the ABC producers should replace Neal with David Hewlett for the sex scenes, and turn the show into a horror film

Can't wait to get back home and surf. But I will really miss Ireland, especially the friends I've made. moby.to/a8qfcs

Neal McDonough fired from ABC series 4 refusing to do sex scenes. He's a great actor and an acquaintance. Good 4 him 2 stick with principles

 Can't wait to get back home and surf. But I will really miss Ireland, especially the friends I've made. http://moby.to/a8qfcs

Me happy (Aug 17)

That's not a rhetorical question, nor an attempt at any early morning philosophy. (Aug 17)

Why are enlightened people so unhappy? (Aug 17)

For whatever it's worth, I've actually voted for David Hewlett over 5 thousand times. That makes at least 3 of us voting for him. Go DH (Aug 16)


A-cats are smarter than I am, that makes me uncomfortable. But the fact that you, as a cat, were able to twitter me questions, freaks me out
Q- I'm a cat. I hear you don't like cats, you like dogs. Why?

A-That's my happy look sweetheart
Q-Why did you pick a picture of you looking so glum for you icon pic?

Yes. Please make it happen
Q- if you were in England and you got the chance to would you go on Top Gear?

A-That they will have their own hopes and dreams, independent of their parents. ·
Q-What would be ur biggest hopes and dreams for u5r boys? ·

A-the people are truly wonderful! They are as beautiful as the land itself. Hoping to make this country an important part of my future. ·
Once again. Q-Glad you're enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland? ·

A-I remind myself that, at least, I'm not David Hewlett, or a squirrel. ·
Q-When you feel depressed, what do you do? ·

A-a red go-cart, my chariot o'fire. Taught my little brother how to be a stuntman by throwing him out at full speed. High learning curve. ·
Q-Do you remember what was your fav toy you liked the most as a child? ·

Without a doubt. The road signs. Check it out. This is just from yesterday twitpic.com/2fafgf twitpic.com/2fafgi ·
twitpic.com/2fadvt ·
Q-Glad you're enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland? ·

A-Dr. Who, extras, the office ·
Q- If you could star in any Brittish film,tv program what would it be and why? ·

Might have been a problem with photo. Here it is again twitpic.com/2fa85d ·
moby.to/x9yb0s ·
This is my favourite car. Gets me from my house to the beach. Kids also love driving it. It is affectionat (cont) tl.gd/35pb7d ·
Q- What car do you drive? ·

A-4 pints of Vitamin Guinness before bed ·
Q- What's your daily intake of Vitamin G? ·

A-The Pogues "Dirty Old Town" ·
Q-What's your favorite song right now? ·

L'eau du bières ·
Q-what type of aftershave is that? ·

Need I say anymore? ·
Q-David Hewlett? Who's David Hewlett? ·

Not acting. ·
Q-Hi Joe! Is there any part of acting that you don't like? ·

A-absolutely, great role, great potential series. That's probably why it didn't get picked up. We have mediocrity to protect ·
Q-Seriously unlikely, but if the chance arose, would you be tempted to reprise the Brendan Dean role from Thought Crimes

Wasn't there another story about an actor and his squirrels? Oh, wait a minute, those were gerbils

G'morning sleepy heads. Almost 11am Dublin time. Going to start answering questions, but first, how about David Hewlett and his squirrels? · (Aug 16)

On Sunday 15th August 2010, @JoeFlanigan said:   WHAT A DAY! Took heli over cliffs of Mohr, landed on island of Inishmore, swam in Atlantic, flew to bay of Galway for Oyster and Guinness, and all with great friends. Life is GOOD! http://yfrog.com/4bd51rj

Let's plan on Q-A for Monday (Irish time). Look forward to it · (Aug 13)

[*****You can use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to convert time. When it’s 12 a.m. Monday in Dublin, it’s the same time in London, 7:00 PM in NYC and 4:00 PM in Los Angeles. Also, do not forget to put the hashtag #AskJoe in your question to Joe).*****

BTW, the ladies @FlanInfo have been super helpful with all of this. I recommend you follow them

Q&A was fun. Should we do another one? (Aug 13)

Hewlett must have Carpal Tunnel syndrome by now. (Aug 13)

One more week of shooting 'The Other Side', more affectionately pronounced by my Irish crew as 'Te Utter Side' http://yfrog.com/7hs72nj (Aug 13)

Seriously, it's been a great experience. Wonderful cast crew and producers. Really hoping to come back for future projects (non-pub related (Aug 13)

Me and Ken @tkl7 from costumes on 'The Other Side'. He's starting to look good after 2 weeks in the woods. http://yfrog.com/afddrfj  (Aug 13)

Coming back to Ireland has been deeply profound for me, and it's not just the beer....it's also the whiskey (Aug 13)

Hewlett is suspiciously quiet. Perhaps he's too busy voting for himself. Let me give him a call (Aug 12)

August 11

Thanks to the girls at @FlanInfo for help with the twitter stuff! And the support in general.
Long day shooting. Need to figure out weekend plans. Leaning toward Donegal. I'll check out surf report. Never get over Ireland's beauty
A-perhaps you should first ask the dead army of leprechauns who tried stealing my Guinness
are you afraid that @dhewlett 's squirrel army could still vote him to be actor of the month, and kick you out? ;D
A- perhaps the most insightful question of the day. Let me get back to you....after my head explodes
Q-The skunk thought the stump stunk and the stump thought the skunk stunk. Who stunk? The skunk or the stump?
A- it's all Chinese to me...mon ami.
Q- 终于看到你了,开心。你没有上facebook? 
BTW, Mais oui, je parle toujours avec mes amis français.
A- a better question may be 'do you feel sorry for the cast of SGU having to work with Hewlett?
Q- Are you jealous @dhewlett gets to go to Stargate Universe and you don't?
A: what did she just call me?!!!
Q: Continuez vous a parler un petit peu en français?
A: had to pry it from the cold dead hands of my manager, but yes, I did safely get it home. Big thx and kisses
Q: Did you get the whisky I sent to your management team back in May? I told you about it in Milton Keynes at end of May?
Or should I say "Wraith-Busters"
A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter
Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?
A: Would love to play the role of Nick Drake! Your lips to God's ear
Q: If you had been offered the role of Drake in Uncharted, would you have taken it happily or disappoint us all by not?

Thx for all the questions. I will answer later in the day, as there is little or no cell reception here...in a parallel dimension. Cheers
Castmates too good natured. Determined to make them crack. Will begin deploying extreme measures culled from years of surviving Hewlett 
Working with the lovely and talented Dagmar Doring who is putting up with my sh^#* very well. Thx for all suggestions for weekend folks ·
Wow. Pints for Everyone! Lemons for Hewlett! Trying to scrape him off my front bumper right now
@senois cool. Thx for tip
senois: @JoeFlanigan Check out an Irish movie called Waveriders excellent surf film
Coming weekend choices with bro-in-law:Madrid, Prague, London, Kerry, surfing in Galway, hunting in Northern Ireland.Life is short..and good 
Can rub this in Hewletts face if I win?http://faxo.com/t
Thx for all the tweets and Questions, especially all the free digital beer. Going to have a Q&A this wed. Just mark #AskJoe.
Beautiful day in the forest of Wicklow. The Vikings have retreated back to Belfast and livers are drying out. Miss my three little boys.

August 8, 2010

Beer and Loathing-part 2. http://twitpic.com/2cvocy

At Hurling in Dublin. Not sure how we got here. Amazing sport. God Bless the Motherland

August 7, 2010

Dublin sacked. Next stop, Glasgow. twitpic.com/2co7me ·

[ Also, he seems to have shifted over to twitpic    http://twitpic.com/2cjaam ]

And very flattered for the Actor of the Month votes http://faxo.com/t Pints for everyone!  via Twitter for iPhone

Thanks for watching out for me and Jason folks. Your right, I forgot hotel address...and US Consulate    via Twitter for iPhone

Must drink AFTER breakfast (Aug 6)

JoeFlanigan: For all those leprechaun-loving non-drinker types: go play with your Lucky Charms! yfrog.com/jbloej  (note, yfrog might trigger a virus alert due to cookies) (Aug 5)

JoeFlanigan: Another good day on set with Irish Director Billy O'Brien and English producer Adrian Sturges. Why does everything look like Canada? (Aug 5)

Conan Dex the Barbarian Momoa just called from Belfast. Coming down to visit Sat night in Dublin. Attack from the North. Must hide beer    via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)

Anti-leprechaun measures executed. Awaiting casualty figures. Guiness safe and all is well again on the Emerald Isle. Movie info to follow
   via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)

I wouldn't be so paranoid if all these damn leprechauns weren't trying to steal my Guiness
   via Twitter for iPhone  (Aug 4)

The "Otherside" for ScyFy. I play a Marine colonel stuck in a parallel dimension. Working with John Rys-Davies this morning. Great actor
6:37 AM Aug 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

Enjoying shooting in Ireland. I've shot two pheasant, a deer and someone last night who tried to steal my Guiness. Watch out Hewlett!
6:02 AM Aug 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

First day of shooting. Great cast and crew. Pints tonight for everyone!
4:47 AM Aug 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

At Druid Glen Golf Club. Hard to play golf and hold pints. Something must give. God Bless Ireland
10:41 AM Aug 1st via Twitter for iPhone

@JamesBamford is that you?
9:39 PM Jul 30th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to JamesBamford

that plane had a lot of alcohol. Anyway, I'm here at the LongHaul Pub in Dublin discussing film. God bless the motherland!
7:41 PM Jul 30th via Twitter for iPhone

I am the only guy in 1st class Air Lingus. I will now attempt to drink for the absent 24 First class passengers. God Bless The Mother Land!
6:40 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone

David already texted me to tell me I was a cyberwhore. This is going to be fun. I will crush him. Getting on plane for Dublin right now. Beware Ireland 6:16 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone

Tis the real me. I have decided to make the trip to Tweetaria. Once I figure out how to send you a photo I will. In Nantucket right now but flying to Ireland tonight to shoot a film. Texted Jace that it is me. Will now text Hewlett who is probably eating 12:30 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone

David, you are lame. Can't wait to tell you that in person in Chicago. This is Joe Flanigan, yes the real one, wondering what you had for lunch today.@davidhewlett  6:09 PM Jul 28th via Twitter for iPhone

Joe Flanigan here, tweeting for the first time. Anyone out there? And yes, this time, it is the real Joe Flanigan
5:17 PM Jul 28th via mobile web


It is a sport; details at http://www.tompgalvin.com/features/hurling.htm

Druid’s Glen Golf Club:
Long Haul Pub (did he mean the Long Hall)??

And @JaceHall confirmed Joe’s twitter authenticity:
@JoeFlanigan is real. I confirm it. He finally gave in and is now being Captian TWEET... Follow him. I command it! :) 7:55 PM Jul 29th via web

Inane information on Joe’s follower count since he started tweeting.
7/30 – 14
7/31 – 2,000
8/03 – 3,249
8/07 – 5,502
8/08 – 5,712
8/11 - 6,097
8/13 - 6,304
8/15 - 6,435
8/17- 7,000!


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