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TWEET Compilation - Rest of cast from "The Other Side" (pt 2/3)

Here are tweets from the rest of the OTHER SIDE cast - Chris Newman, Dagmar Doring and Yare Jegbefune. Alas, they've tweeted so much it won't fit the entry anymore, so I'll be directing you to a new post from this one with rest of tweets.  

Last updated: August 17, 2010

 @adriansturges (Adrian Sturges, producer)

#FF @JoeFlanigan US acting rockstar currently wowing us in Dublin, @cigsandredvines, @bakermathew, @tomharps 9:16 PM Jul 30th via web

@JoeFlanigan your drinking of scotch in a dublin bar is both heroic and foolish my man. 8:02 PM Jul 30th via UberTwitter in reply to JoeFlanigan


@chrissymacc (Chris Newman, actor)

I'm off to do my best impression of Rob. Night everyone. And to my beautiful castmates, Chris "15 cards" Newman is ready for Round 2 xx

123 followers in one hour? You're the least equipped person i know to handle this kinda power! ·

twitpic.com/2fnxud - Rob is very overwhelmed by the land of twitter! ·

Everyone should follow @robsoohan who is also starring in The Otherside. Say hello to Sleepy Rob!

A lunchtime game of cards has just got insanely competetive! Nobody will be talking when we get back on set :)

Chrissymacc: RT @dagmarvellous: Every time I catch John Rhys Davies' eye I get all flummoxed and forget all my lines.

Chrissymacc: twitpic.com/2fcjey ·(Chris and Yare)

twitpic.com/2f9bbx - Rob hard at work ·

Last week of filming! 6am pick up. Shudder. (Aug 15)

@domdomjohnshep who better to play a badass colonel than joe flanigan! (Aug 14)

Just woke up with my face stuck to the sofa to find picutes of last nights shenanigans plastered all over the internet! Excellent (Aug 14)

@PegasusAngel UGH! Jst left yare's. Woke up in on his sofa with no idea what happened last night... Good night so! (Aug 14)

Getting ready to hit the town with @JoeFlanigan and @Topomanyare .. Have a great weekend everybody! (Aug 13)

@SeixoLady Ye it really is.The entire cast and crew are Irish. Joe is the only American on board! Lots of US movies being made here. its gr8 (Aug 13)

@SeixoLady yeah I have an american accent in the film :)

Joe filming twitpic.com/2e2nga  (alas, picture taken down, darn)

@lisawest99 Its fun. when we hav alot of repellent to keep the insects away! But Joe is great. so down to earth and the rest of the cast too

@lisawest99 Pretty big, altho I havnt been filming this week as much. I'm done with all my "woods" scenes, just studio for full week left

@thekristen999 We wrap at the end of next week! Sucks.. but the sooner we finish the sooner you guys get to see the end product :)

@FlanInfo Joe is a legend. Shooting is going great thanks! Lots of fun being had by all. Coming into our last week though :(

Great day of filming today. Shot an amazing scene that i obviously can't talk about but let's just say it was INTENSE :)

Chrissymacc: I think it's safe to say Jason Momoa is one of the largest human beings Ive ever seen but he still found it hard to keep up with us Irish ;)  (Aug 7)

Chrissymacc: I have a feeling tonight is going to be one to remember. Drinks with @JoeFlanigan and @Topomanyare ... Dublin watch out. Let's do this!  (Aug 7)

Chrissymacc: Is only in the door from a night of drink and debauchery even though I'm filming tomorrow. sshhh don't tell the boss  (Aug 6)

Few drinks tonight me thinks. Can't wait to be rejected from every bar and club cause of my hair!
about 9 hours ago via mobile web (Aug 6)

@anyanka_eg nah I didnt have to cut my hair but It was right for the character so I let them. What Joe does with his hair is his decision :) ·(Aug 6)

I went to the physio and got the all clear to perform my own stunts tomorrow! Gonna be fun. Jackie Chan aint got shit on me about 9 hours ago via mobile web  (Aug 6)

Check out a music video i recently starred in for new Irish rock band No Roller www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOZDNDnuR5g [this shows his hair before it got buzzed for the movie]  (Aug 6)

@beckylee09 Gotta give the fans what they want you Hound xxx · (Aug 5)

I mention that I'm shooting a movie with Joe Flanigan and suddenly my followers shoot up. I under-estimated the power of that man!! ·  (Aug 5)

twitpic.com/2bx0zx ·(Chris) (Aug  5)

twitpic.com/2bx0ug · (Chris and crew) (Aug  5)

My boy @Topomanyare is doing a bit better with the twit pics than i am!! · (Aug  5)

Everybody should follow the fabulous @dagmarvellous who also stars in "The Otherside" · (Aug  5)

@dagmarvellous Absolutely! such a long day. But i'm off tomorrow so sleeep :) x · (Aug  5)

That's a wrap on Day 3. yaaawn. Much needed day off tomorrow then back in Saturday for all kinds of Monster fun! HOORAH! (Aug  5)

Busy day tomorrow. 6am pick up! Night half a minute ago via mobile web (Aug 4)

Good audition this morning... although i had to fashion a rather ridiculous hat to hide my Marine haircut!
about 5 hours ago via web (Aug 4)

Bought myself a blackberry! Lots of tweets and pics to come from the set of my new movie The Otherisde starring the brilliant Joe Flanigan
about 6 hours ago via web (Aug 4)

Just finished first day of filming with the American badass himself Joe Flanigan
3:36 PM Aug 3rd via web Retweeted by you and 3 others

Spent the day speaking in American accent in full Marine uniform. Got the head shaved and was taught how to shoot guns!!
11:54 AM Jul 30th via web

Off for my first day of filming new American Movie "The Otherside

Spent the day speaking in American accent in full Marine uniform. Got the head shaved and was taught how to shoot guns!! 11:54 AM Jul 30th via web

Really happy with the good news. WORK. finally. Special weapons training tomorrow! Gonna kick some ass. 12:11 PM Jul 29th via web


@dagmarvellous (Darmar Doring, actress)

@robsoohan wait, WHAT? You already nearly have more followers than me...... WTF? I don't like this game any more.

Follow sleepy rob @robsoohan who's also in The Otherside. When he's awake. Which is rarely. (Aug 17)

Every time I catch John Rhys Davies' eye I get all flummoxed and forget all my lines. ·

@FlanInfo that's the very beautiful & talented Catherine Walker But you never know, might be cosying up to @JoeFlanigan too...ah, suspense!  (Aug 14)

@lisawest99 don't worry I put @JoeFlanigan right in his place with my incredible finger acting (you might have to ask joe about that one...) (Aug 10)

@FlanInfo that's the very beautiful & talented Catherine Walker But you never know, might be cosying up to @JoeFlanigan too...ah, suspense!  (Aug 6)

Just spent the afternoon kissing @Topomanyare Ah, life is hard... (Aug 6)


@Dougd71 (Douglas G. Davis, writer)

Some behinds the scenes footage of Joe Flanigan in THE OTHER SIDE. rhitv.com/movies/the-other-side (Aug 17)

For those who don't know, the amazing Billy O'Brien is directing The Other Side. 37 minutes ago via web (Aug 4)

A smattering of info on the SyFy film The Other Side: http://rhitv.com/movies/the-other-side 43 minutes ago via web  (Aug 4)

@Smileleigh Glad Carny freaked you out! That's what I was going for. The Other Side has more action but plenty of good jumps too.
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to Smileleigh (Aug 4)

@GracieValenti thanks! it'll be out sometime in 2011, a long but worthwhile wait! about 5 hours ago via web in reply to GracieValenti (Aug 4)

Day 2 of filming is under way on The Other Side for SyFy. I can't wait to see the dailies of Joe Flanigan in action!
about 6 hours ago via web (Aug 4)

@majorberry Thanks! I hope it's a hit too!
about 8 hours ago via web (Aug 4)

My SyFy film, The Other Side starring Joe Flanigan and John Rys-Davies began shooting today in Dublin, Ireland!
about 20 hours ago via web (Aug 4)

You can find a lot more tweets from @Topomanyare at this link:  http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/442449.html        

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