wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

"The Other Side" 08/02/2010 tweets

Today's (August 9th) tweets!



@senois cool. Thx for tip


senois: @JoeFlanigan Check out an Irish movie called Waveriders excellent surf film


Coming weekend choices with bro-in-law:Madrid, Prague, London, Kerry, surfing in Galway, hunting in Northern Ireland.Life is short..and good


Can rub this in Hewletts face if I win? http://faxo.com/t


Thx for all the tweets and Questions, especially all the free digital beer. Going to have a Q&A this wed. Just mark #AskJoe.  (OMG he's going to do a Q&A - if twitter fails, we will know why!!)


Beautiful day in the forest of Wicklow. The Vikings have retreated back to Belfast and livers are drying out. Miss my three little boys.




 Great day of filming today. Shot an amazing scene that i obviously can't talk about but let's just say it was INTENSE :)




 It's a long and tight schedule but all the actors are on top of their game and we just get stuck in..we've a great crew to keep us in check


Tags: ferocious planet, joe flanigan
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