wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

"The Other Side" - more Joe Flanigan tweets - 08/10/2010

JoeFlanigan: Castmates too good natured. Determined to make them crack. Will begin deploying extreme measures culled from years of surviving Hewlett


JoeFlanigan: Working with the lovely and talented Dagmar Doring who is putting up with my sh^#* very well. Thx for all suggestions for weekend folks ·


JoeFlanigan: Wow. Pints for Everyone! Lemons for Hewlett! Trying to scrape him off my front bumper right now

> Don't forget. He's taking questions on twitter. use the hashtag #AskJoe when you submit your question to him. It's already Wednesday in Ireland so, go for it!

Tags: ferocious planet, joe flanigan
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