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Joe Flanigan answers Q&A on his twitter, 8/11/2010 & More

And here are a bunch of questions Joe Flanigan answered on twitter over the course of the day. Under cut for length.

{read questions from bottom to top on Joe's answers, as answers come first, then questions. Ah, the nature of twitter!)

Thanks to the girls at @FlanInfo for help with the twitter stuff! And the support in general.
Long day shooting. Need to figure out weekend plans. Leaning toward Donegal. I'll check out surf report. Never get over Ireland's beauty
A-perhaps you should first ask the dead army of leprechauns who tried stealing my Guinness
are you afraid that @dhewlett 's squirrel army could still vote him to be actor of the month, and kick you out? ;D
A- perhaps the most insightful question of the day. Let me get back to you....after my head explodes
Q-The skunk thought the stump stunk and the stump thought the skunk stunk. Who stunk? The skunk or the stump?
A- it's all Chinese to me...mon ami.
Q- 终于看到你了,开心。你没有上facebook? 
BTW, Mais oui, je parle toujours avec mes amis français.
A- a better question may be 'do you feel sorry for the cast of SGU having to work with Hewlett?
Q- Are you jealous @dhewlett gets to go to Stargate Universe and you don't?
A: what did she just call me?!!!
Q: Continuez vous a parler un petit peu en français?
A: had to pry it from the cold dead hands of my manager, but yes, I did safely get it home. Big thx and kisses
Q: Did you get the whisky I sent to your management team back in May? I told you about it in Milton Keynes at end of May?
Or should I say "Wraith-Busters"
A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter
Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?
A: Would love to play the role of Nick Drake! Your lips to God's ear
Q: If you had been offered the role of Drake in Uncharted, would you have taken it happily or disappoint us all by not?

Thx for all the questions. I will answer later in the day, as there is little or no cell reception here...in a parallel dimension. Cheers
Castmates too good natured. Determined to make them crack. Will begin deploying extreme measures culled from years of surviving Hewlett 
Working with the lovely and talented Dagmar Doring who is putting up with my sh^#* very well. Thx for all suggestions for weekend folks ·
Wow. Pints for Everyone! Lemons for Hewlett! Trying to scrape him off my front bumper right now
@senois cool. Thx for tip
senois: @JoeFlanigan Check out an Irish movie called Waveriders excellent surf film
Coming weekend choices with bro-in-law:Madrid, Prague, London, Kerry, surfing in Galway, hunting in Northern Ireland.Life is short..and good 
Can rub this in Hewletts face if I win?http://faxo.com/t
Thx for all the tweets and Questions, especially all the free digital beer. Going to have a Q&A this wed. Just mark #AskJoe.
Beautiful day in the forest of Wicklow. The Vikings have retreated back to Belfast and livers are drying out. Miss my three little boys.

@lisawest99 Its fun. when we hav alot of repellent to keep the insects away! But Joe is great. so down to earth and the rest of the cast too

@lisawest99 Pretty big, altho I havnt been filming this week as much. I'm done with all my "woods" scenes, just studio for full week left

@thekristen999 We wrap at the end of next week! Sucks.. but the sooner we finish the sooner you guys get to see the end product :)

@FlanInfo Joe is a legend. Shooting is going great thanks! Lots of fun being had by all. Coming into our last week though :(

Great day of filming today. Shot an amazing scene that i obviously can't talk about but let's just say it was INTENSE :)
 @MajorBerry This movie is "huge" for me and I'm going in there all guns blazing to do the best I can and working with people like Joe helps

It's a long and tight schedule but all the actors are on top of their game and we just get stuck in..we've a great crew to keep us in check

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