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Part 1/3: Just what fans asked Joe Flanigan at Twitter Q&A (#AskJoe)

Cuz it was easy to cull and copy/paste, and, on Twitter, lots of stuff gets lost to time. I thought it would be nice to immortalize his first Twitter chat (and so we can go back and cringe and go "OMG, did I really ask THAT??") ;)  About 230 questions!


In case you’re curious, here are all the questions asked of Joe Flanigan at his first Twitter Q&A. Questions bolded were answered by Joe (posted at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/440469.html)



1.       sgcgategirl: @JoeFlanigan What's the most embarrassing thing you've seen happen to @dhewlett?

2.       FRinfoJoeFlan9: Quelle Region en France prefere tu ? Aimerais tu faire un film en France ? Voila bonne soiree · ·

3.       Valika56: @mischief53715: @JoeFlanigan They're recasting Rockford. Still interested? y/n? (Please say yes!) · ·

4.       thesilverwolf77: @JoeFlanigan Is this your page? bit.ly/bl6c1S If not, you may want to repo it. · ·

5.       handmaiden555: Why does your profile say "failed model"?! Did you really try & somehow fail at it? I can't see that happening...:) · ·

6.       Mibrule: @JoeFlanigan askJoe Would you like to play comedy or drama instead of shooting bad guys?(even if you are a great killer) · ·

7.       dinabr: @JoeFlanigan Did you audition for 'The Other Side' or didn't need to? · ·

8.       ltcoljsheppard: okay I'll ask again cuz I dont see it... if you ever get a chance to play a firefighter, would you? · ·

9.       japonais342: @JoeFlanigan quel region ou ville preferez-vous en France je pense plus a Paris mais la cote d'azur a son charme D. · ·

10.   Sylv1Sky: @JoeFlanigan Didn't know that you learned French, alors, intéressé par une bière dans un pub de Dublin ? · ·

11.   karenford1: @JoeFlanigan is there a place u have never visited and want too? and Y? thx xoxo · ·

12.   from_the_corner: @JoeFlanigan At Fedcon you talked about a project you and @dhewlett are working on. How is it going? · ·

13.   cirruslvr: @thesilverwolf77: @JoeFlanigan We Flan fans need a nickname, too! David has his squirrels, what should your fans call themselves? · ·

14.   Halina01: @JoeFlanigan it's hard to find and actor in this world who is loyal to his/her life parter How long have you been married now? · ·

15.   wraithfodder: Oops.@joeflanigan ... Bottle of Guinness or your iPhone? Which would you sacrifice first? ;) · ·

16.   WR_Systems: @JoeFlanigan last time in Ireland I bought rare 100 year old Bushmills Single Malt. Did you have a chance to try same? 21 yr good 2!

17.   elderwitty: @JoeFlanigan - - Did TPTB ask you to wear undies after "38 Minutes", and were boxers that peep a rebellious response to that? ·

18.   Vana1970: @JoeFlanigan , What is the one character you'd like to portray the most? · ·

19.   Shadowkitten701: @joeflanigan if you could guest on any show this upcoming season, which would it be?

20.   ValPezzotti: Belgium has a lot of very good beers too !!! lol :) and chocolat !!! ^^ · ·

21.   wraithfodder: @joeflanigan You can use icerocket.com (search engine) to find tweets that may not show up on your twitter account. · ·

22.   ktkm: More important - should we drink off you or @jasonmomoa? @mrpeacoc: @JoeFlanigan most important, in a drink off you or jason? ·

23.   SammyMcGarity: - What was your very favorite episode of SGA to film? · ·

24.   MissPaint: @JoeFlanigan Did you know that Holland has the best beer in the world? Better than Guinness! · ·

25.   Canadian_Made: @JoeFlanigan UR so cute and now I find out UR funny too, come on what's up with that? Any future projects with @dhewlett? Luv U both · ·

26.   TheGuardianMH: @joeflanigan What do u do when u catch Wraith digging in your trash? yfrog.com/hqtpebj · ·

27.   mrpeacoc: @JoeFlanigan most important, in a drink off you or jason? · ·

28.   Hedbang: @JoeFlanigan I want to send you a request concerning a recording of 2 small audio messages for my podcast. So where should I send It? · ·

29.   MissPaint: @JoeFlanigan Wanna come to Amsterdam? I know all the great places, I'll show you around. · ·

30.   archa883: If you would be offered another guest appearance in Warehouse 13 would you accept the offer? · ·

31.   SDLRob: @JoeFlanigan which show currently running would you like to appear in? · ·

32.   JoaneFlanigan: @joeflanigan will you come to fedcon in dsseldorf/Germany next year? that would be so awesome ;D · ·

33.   JoaneFlanigan: @joeflanigan are you afraid that @dhewlett 's squirrel army could still vote him to be actor of the month, and kick you out? ;D

34.   domdomjohnshep: @JoeFlanigan I'm just asking you if you keep speaking a little bit on French. · ·

35.   pixsher: @JoeFlanigan What kind of aliens do u battle in this? @GateWorld Flanigan to appear in SyFy's The Other Side bit.ly/aaccXL ·

36.   briehope: @JoeFlanigan Which Atlantis death was the hardest for you to film? · ·

37.   TKav: @JoeFlanigan ok then!! do you feel sorry for the cast of SGU having to work with Hewlett!!??:P · ·

38.   brisedete: @JoeFlanigan Anything @dhewlett can do you can do better? · ·

39.   WinchesterWench: @JoeFlanigan Q: When are you going to get Jason on Twitter so you can double team @dhewlett? · ·

40.   HolzC: @JoeFlanigan have you ever / would you ever tackle Shakespeare ? if so what? · ·

41.   Stormchaser1031: @JoeFlanigan Which Stargate Atlantis episode was your personal favorite to film? · ·

42.   ginarememo: @JoeFlanigan What was your first alcoholic drink & how old were you? · ·

43.   Kunoichi_Laura: @JoeFlanigan Do you still keep in touch with Paul Mcgillion? · ·

44.   brisedete: @JoeFlanigan Out of all the Atlantis personnel, whose revenge would you fear the most?

45.   thisfishflies: @JoeFlanigan evilest facial hair- handlebar, goatee, or mutton-chops? · ·

46.   briehope: Any news about the Atlantis movie? · ·

47.   sakurablue13: following @joeflanigan doing a Q&A session... could you talk the guys into doing a convention here in Asia, as in Singapore? ·

48.   thisfishflies: @JoeFlanigan if you could be any villian, who would you be? · ·

49.   brisedete: @JoeFlanigan Ever considered coming to Belgium now that you're in the neighbourhood? We have 100+ varieties of beer! :D · ·

50.   Weirtoo: @vida_boheme: @JoeFlanigan On a scale of one to ten, how big is Joe Mallozzi's ego? ·

51.   LtMolly73: Don't know if U ever have the time for it, but if U do, what do U prefer 2 watch on TV?? (besides sports) · ·

52.   melodysparks: @JoeFlanigan Do you and David Hewlett bicker as much as your SGA counterparts do? · ·

53.   sliderwave: @JoeFlanigan Who ya gonna Cull? · ·

54.   ObiWanKen5: If you haven't already, would you ever consider going to Nova Scotia in the middle of February for winter surfing? · ·

55.   sliderwave: @JoeFlanigan I would watch that, but You should also take along a bag of lemons. · ·

56.   domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan Have you been surprised by the numbers of your followers on Twitter in so little time? :) · ·

57.   karenford1: @JoeFlanigan Is there a place that u have never visited that u would love to? and y? · ktkm: @JoeFlanigan When are you going to answer all the questions? · ·

58.   Tanith0709: @JoeFlanigan Were you ever approached to guest star on Stargate Universe? · ·

59.   maigheo: @JoeFlanigan are you enjoying your time in dublin and would you ever consider coming back to do theater? · ·

60.   domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan Someone named your sh**t things "Flananigans What do you think about this?Do you like this?I think it's not bad love it. · ·

61.   ladyyueh: @JoeFlanigan What is your ideal superhero role? · ·

62.   dayse: @JoeFlanigan If it had been up to you, how would the SGA finale had gone? · ·

63.   whisperandmoan: @JoeFlanigan what is the one thing you can't live without? (friends and family not included) · ·

64.   winterhart: Do you miss Stargate Atlantis and Col. John Sheppard? · ·

65.   WinchesterWench: @JoeFlanigan What's your dream role? · ·

66.   imwebgurl: @JamesBamford So you tell me....but you take it easy...I'm off to bed... g'nite BamBam...send a question to @JoeFlanigan · ·

67.   WR_Systems: @JoeFlanigan @AskJoe last time in Ireland I bought rare 100 year old Bushmills Single Malt. Did you have a chance to try same? 21 yr good 2!

68.   vida_boheme: @JoeFlanigan What do you think are the most important things to teach or pass on to your children? · ·

69.   imwebgurl: @JoeFlanigan What was the origin of the lollipop in #SGA episode Trio ...was that all your idea? · ·

70.   imwebgurl: @JoeFlanigan What are you writing? Book or screenplay? · ·

71.   linesfade: @JoeFlanigan If Sheppard could have done one thing he didn't get to do (relationship-wise or otherwise) what would it have been? · ·

72.   imwebgurl: @JoeFlanigan Read any great books lately? · ·

73.   vida_boheme: @JoeFlanigan Any idea what buildings or backdrop Martin Firrell will use for your photographs in the Hero Project? They look great. · ·

74.   vida_boheme: @JoeFlanigan On a scale of one to ten, how big is Joe Mallozzi's ego? · ·

75.   tessinciucy: @JoeFlanigan Look at yourself in ten years. What would you like to see? · ·

76.   museangel: @joeflanigan Any particular reason for yellow sunglasses? · ·

77.   AimiPatricia: @JoeFlanigan Any news on the rumoured SGA movie? Is it still happening? · ·

78.   JennieDreyer: @JoeFlanigan Budweiser or Guiness? Which do u prefer? · ·

79.   rileyo: @JoeFlanigan If you could have your pick of any role ever, what role would you really love to perform? · ·

80.   esgaril: @JoeFlanigan Do you like Doctor Who? Who is your favorite Doctor? · ·

81.   alipeeps: @JoeFlanigan Wot do u think of timescale 4 SGA movie (if it eva happens) being rewritten 2 suit SGA character guest spot on SGU? ·

82.   MellyBi: @JoeFlanigan Did you see Jason's sho movies? If yes, what do you think and would you like to join him in one of his project? · ·

83.   ziggeril: @joeflanigan Luv your hair. Why do you (and many men) frequently have a stubble beard? You look so much better clean shaven. ·

84.   Tashirasbubble: @JoeFlanigan Did you have any thoughts on the reason behind why Nancy and Shep divorced in SGA? I thought the went well together :) · ·

85.   LeoSonneveldt: @joeflanigan as an actor I imagine you want to develop yourself-how afraid r you to be casted into similar roles?(SGA,thoughtcrimes) ·

86.   ziggeril: @joeflanigan Why do you always wear a wrist band (usually black) on your right hand? · ·

87.   Tashirasbubble: @JoeFlanigan If you could play a movie version of a comic character - which one would it be? Thanks :) · ·

88.   ltcoljsheppard: Would you like to play the role of a firefighter one day? I think you'd make us proud. galifreysparrow: @joeflanigan As sure as I am that someone has probably already asked this; what is the most annoying thing @dhewlett has ever done? · ·

89.   steveburkephoto: @joeflanigan Can I buy you a pint og Guinness??? lol · ·

90.   SheppyD1: @joeflanigan - if you can't answer my important heroic staggering question below then Q2 who would win a fist fight Sheppy or Sammy?? ·

91.   sammitg: @JoeFlanigan As Atlantis progressed over the years you spoke more softly. Was there a reason for this? · ·

92.   sammitg: @JoeFlanigan Are you still developing a TV series project that you mentioned in an interview? · ·

93.   Playmo1603: @JoeFlanigan Is there a chance to see you next year on Fedcon in Germany? That would be great! · ·

94.   Playmo1603: @JoeFlanigan What is your favourite movie? And your favourite actor/actress? · ·

95.   admiralandrea: whats your fave book? · ·

96.   domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan do you still feel hurt,you and your SGA cast pals, by the cancellation and do you feel fooled by all this? · ·

97.   carmendomino: @joeflanigan Have you ever thought doing a non-sitcom MASH 4077-type show? I can see you as Hawkeye; witty, goofy, next-door hero · ·

98.   Madem_Le_Shep: @JoeFlanigan what cologne does Sheppard wear?just curious.

99.   scarletsquiggle: @JoeFlanigan Have you thought about directing, or do you prefer the acting/writing pa of making TV/movies? · ·

100.            superrhuman: @JoeFlanigan Are you and @dhewlett gonna have a little tweet war anytime soon? I've been waiting for that since you started. HAHA. · ·


 Ooops, too many. Remainder at next two posts.

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