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Part 2/3: Just what fans asked Joe Flanigan at Twitter Q&A (#AskJoe)

And the second part....


101.            ShirtnTie: Hi Joe, my question is simple...any chance you'll visit County Tipperary while you're in Ireland? · ·

102.            krisrussel: When will the movie be finished filming? Friends of mine are worried it'll intervene with the Chicago con. · ·

103.            TroubleonToast: @JoeFlanigan If you were heading to Atlantis and you could take one personal item, what would it be? · ·

104.            saska50: @JoeFlanigan What is the highest wave you have ever surfed? · ·

105.            ltcoljsheppard: Are you enjoying all the interaction on Twitter with your fans? Do you see that we will suppo you no matter what you do? :) · ·

106.            mashimero: Hi Joe. Why did you decide to get a twitter account?

107.            ltcoljsheppard: Would you prefer it if, when we do the voting polls that we uncheck the Tweet This box so it doesn't fill your list? Or does it...? · ·

108.            lindajeangagne: @JoeFlanigan The idea for the movie you are working on seems like it can be turned into a series,do you think that is a possibility? · ·

109.            TehKimber: @lindagagne Try another one to Joe with the tag. See if it works. · ·

110.            padawan_aneiki: @JoeFlanigan Joe I know you get many con invites; most of them I can't get to. Can I make a pitch for Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD? · ·

111.            FrellThatDren: Loving the pics & banter, like our fav SGA team all over again. What's the possibility of u getting Paul McG to join u guys here? :] · ·

112.            TehKimber: @JoeFlanigan Um....I got nothing...*headdesk* · ·

113.            ginarememo: @JoeFlanigan What's one of your favorite things to do with your sons? Or a specific awesome time you had with them? · ·

114.            RoseOfTexas1: @JoeFlanigan Do you have any tattoos? · ·

115.            animal_cracker: @JoeFlanigan Growing up, what did you want to be (besides a grown up)? TIA

116.            shep4lily: @JoeFlanigan You have a BA in History. Why did you choose History? What is your favorite part/event in history and why? · ·

117.            wraithfodder: @JoeFlanigan What drew you to the script for "The Other Side"? Thx! · ·

118.            ducky_one: @JoeFlanigan Boxers or briefs? Inquiring minds want to know. · ·

119.            ed263: @JoeFlanigan will you be able to make it to CreationCon in Chicago Aug. 28?!?!?! · ·

120.            Rekws: @joeflanigan Is there suppo for actor's kids like the military supports deployers' families? Your kids are apa from Dad, too. · ·

121.            domdomjohnshep: @JoeFlanigan Do you keep playing guitar as you'd like it? · ·

122.            nicscifichick: @JoeFlanigan Which 2 episodes/scenes were the most fun and, conversely, the most difficult to film during your time on SGA and why?

123.            1Snow: @JoeFlanigan what would your wife say was your most annoying habit? · ·

124.            flubbzilla: @JoeFlanigan If you could've had any other role in SGA what role would you choose and why? · ·

125.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan How long does it take for the film is finished? If the whole film shot in Ireland? It's a TV movie? Will there be a DVD · ·

126.            lisawest99: @JoeFlanigan Dagmars' finger acting....?? was told to ask you this one, a thanks @CMCor for the idea..and Guinness warm or cold? :)

127.            Phenix00: @JoeFlanigan If you could cast @dhewlett in any role of your choice, what would it be and why? *evil grin* ;) · ·

128.            XCThaylee: @JoeFlanigan where is the farthest place you ever went/flew to surf ? ...on earth of course ;-) · ·

129.            silvercomet21: @JoeFlanigan Do you like to compete with others? Have you ever had an eating contest with @dhewlett? If so, who won? · ·

130.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan I am from Austria. Have you ever been in Austria? In Vienna or.....? ·

131.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan SGA Movie 2011? Can we see you in a new Lead in a TV-Show? The new Movie will be great. Cant wait to see him!! · ·

132.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan You speak very good French, you speak other languages? What is your favorite color? · ·

133.            domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan You learnt one year in France and you visited my country many times.which regions did you visit?Which ones have you not? · ·

134.            Paloosa: @JoeFlanigan My nephew surfs Huntington & Malibu, but went to Bali & NZ last year - said Bali can't be beat - ever been? · ·

135.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan What kind of music do you like? Do you have one, or several favorite singers / groups? · ·

136.            pretenderCS: @JoeFlanigan John Sheppard is a pilot - do YOU like flying? · ·

137.            Andy0401: @JoeFlanigan You are very tall!! How tall are you? I think 6`2!! · ·

138.            domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan Have you got any contacts or news in the front of SGA movie?:( · domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan have you any others projects in the box for series Tv as lead actor or big screen.We miss you a lot weekly in TV shows. · ·

139.            Sylv1Sky: @JoeFlanigan What about one (or two...) drink(s) with a SGA fan living in Dublin ? Pick a pub, (real) beers are on me ! · ·

140.            jcjoeyfreak: @JoeFlanigan Hey Joe, is there any type of role you'd like to take on that you think people would find unexpected of you? · ·

141.            domdomjohnshep: @joeflanigan Continuez vous a parler un petit peu en français? ;) · ·

142.            1Snow: @JoeFlanigan what don't you miss about not filming SGA any more? · ·

143.            SheppyD1: @Joeflanigan -extremely important question to make many happy... any chance we will be seeing any heroic staggering from Sam Synn?? · ·

144.            Titine062: @JoeFlanigan Do you still play the guitar and what is the first song you learned? · ·

145.            lisawest99: @Tashirasbubble I love your ?, and wow people can be.... ·

146.            vecturist: @JoeFlanigan Did you ever think about grad school after your BA? If acting had not worked out, what were you interested in next? · ·

147.            nakedwesley: @JoeFlanigan What's the coolest thing about being a dad? · ·

148.            Tryst789: Joe, I can barely make out your avatar. Is that from Vegas? Oh wait! : · ·

149.            BuenosAires333: What book do you love reading to your boys and what book are you now reading for your own enjoyment? · ·

150.            Hermione1982: @JoeFlanigan : Have you a fetish object? · ·

151.            purplejaxy: @JoeFlanigan. Boring I know, but if you were stranded on a dese island, what film would you take, what book and what music? Ta! ·

152.            Tashirasbubble: @JoeFlanigan Jason says you are a great surfer - have you ever thought about entering any surfing competitions? · ·

153.            retekawakurose: are you on a diet? Did you lose weight? · ·

154.            justforjoe: @JoeFlanigan If you had been offered the role of Drake in Uncharted, would you have taken it happily or disappoint us all by not? · ·

155.            giusytriso: @JoeFlanigan Beside filming 'The Other Side' - which I can't wait to see - do you have other new projects in store? · ·

156.            Soryu_: @JoeFlanigan Would you like to do another series/project with @dhewlett? · ·

157.            Arpamies: @JoeFlanigan Did you ever felt the need to shove that lemon down Hewletts throat on SGA set? . · ·

158.            cherluvya: @JoeFlanigan Have you ever had a beer drinking contest with @JasonMomoa? Winner? :o) · ·

159.            silvercomet21: @JoeFlanigan Which major differences and similarities can we expect of 'The other side' compared with SGA? · ·

160.            SteveHanmer: @JoeFlanigan Are you jealous @dhewlett gets to go to Stargate Universe and you don't?

161.            silvercomet21: @JoeFlanigan Which country or place you've never been to so far would you like to visit and why? · ·

162.            fishbaum17: @JoeFlanigan @dajaje: Have any of your sons inherited your love of doing sports like surfing, etc.? · ·

163.            green_squirrel: @JoeFlanigan How do you deal with people who come up to an autograph table and want to shake your hand (cont) tl.gd/31bccg · ·

164.            phimugirl: @joeflanigan if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset? · ·

165.            naplesplus: @skyejag Have you ever been to south florida i.e. Naples, FL search.twitter.com/search?q=%23AskJoe · ·

166.            skyejag: Have you ever been to south florida i.e. Naples, FL · ·

167.            dayse: @JoeFlanigan Any chance you'll be at Toronto's Fan eXpo in August? I'll bring you beer!

168.            cochranbj: @JoeFlanigan Do you reallly drink that much. Coz, man, yuck.

169.            karenford1: @JoeFlanigan u played a gay son in the movie #FamilyAlbum, would u ever do another role like that if the script was right?? · ·

170.            ginarememo: @JoeFlanigan Is there anything a role could include that you would never do? (Like cross-dressing, nudity, extreme bigotry, etc.) · ·

171.            skypilot_dlm: @JoeFlanigan iPhone 4-- did you get one? Love it? Hate it? :-) · ·

172.            MajorBerry: @mischief53715: @JoeFlanigan They're recasting Rockford. Still interested? y/n? (Please say yes!) · ·

173.            katiek1114: @JoeFlanigan So I heard you threw up on your check ride in an F-16, is this true? ·

174.            WraithLover: @JoeFlanigan What's the real relationship between you and Hewlett? · ·

175.            lisawest99: @mischief53715: @JoeFlanigan They're recasting Rockford. Still interested? y/n? (Please say yes!) · ·

176.            Tashirasbubble: @JoeFlanigan When did you last go "Wow!" and why? · ·

177.            Philang: @joeflanigan In terms of stuff you're sure wasn't a Guiness induced dream, how much of the weekend can you actually remember? · ·

178.            samati: @JoeFlanigan: Thx for all the tweets and Questions, especially all the free digital beer. Going to have a Q&A this wed. Just mark . · ·

179.            mischief53715: @JoeFlanigan They're recasting Rockford. Still interested? y/n? (Please say yes!) · domdomjohnshep: @JoeFlanigan . Did Stargate production(TPTB) ask you to take guest pa on sgu...... or not? · ·

180.            JaneAnn77: hey are you enjoying Ireland & being home? Where do the flanigans hail from? ·

181.            MickiBurge: @JoeFlanigan I keep my fridge stocked with Guiness, care to drop by for a pint? · ·

182.            Sheppard56: @JoeFlanigan What motivated you to do a history degree at university? · ·

183.            awakethepassion: Besides history, what other books do you like to read? · ·

184.            janjan72: @JoeFlanigan If you had to pick: Lake Tahoe or Pyramid Lake? · ·

185.            shouldnobetter: - Hi Joe, have been enjoying your tweets, you,re a really funny guy. I think you'd be great in a sitcom - would you ever do one? · ·

186.            karenford1: @JoeFlanigan if i visit CA, would u give me a surfing lesson? · ·

187.            MajorBerry: @Joeflanigan How is the project you were mentioning at FedCon (the one about a new SciFi Show) going? Can we expect it soon? · ·

188.            SaraT0307: @JoeFlanigan Early this yr there were rumblings re:Rockford Files remake & your name on our lead wish list~interested? Pretty pls? · ·

189.            dinabr: @JoeFlanigan What do your boys know about your work ? · ·

190.            domdomjohnshep: @JoeFlanigan Do you intend to come one day at french con? · ·

191.            spankys949: @JoeFlanigan What was your history focus in college? · ·

192.            montybird11: @JoeFlanigan Glad you're enjoying Ireland. Will you be done filming in time to come to the Chicago con at month's end? · ·

193.            Hyndara: After once more rewatching "Doppelganger": What character you prefer to act, the good guy or the baddy? · ·

194.            LiverpoolFCMine: @JoeFlanigan Hi Joe! Glad you're on Twitter. Thx for the photos w Jason. How do you make time for all your interests-surfing,etc? · ·

195.            artemisprime: Joe F will be doing Q&A on Wed. Get your questions posted here: · ·

196.            artemisprime: 1. What is your favourite rodeo event? 2. How would you like to have seen the "Vegas" world explored if SGA had continued? Thanks! · ·

197.            sammitg: @JoeFlanigan As Atlantis progressed over the years you spoke more softly. Was there a reason for this? · ·

198.            sammitg: @JoeFlanigan Are you still developing a TV series project that you mentioned in an interview? · ·

199.            flubbzilla: @JoeFlanigan Are you looking forward to coming to Glasgow for Collectormainia? · ·


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