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Joe Flanigan's Q&A on Twitter - 8/16/2010 + more tweets from cast of "Other Side"

Gonna stick Joe Flanigan's replies to his Monday Q&A on Twitter under the cut due to length. Enjoy! Hope he does this a lot :)

  I have NO idea who asked the cat question below, as I could not find it via Twitter or Icerocket or Google. 


For whatever it's worth, I've actually voted for David Hewlett over 5 thousand times. That makes at least 3 of us voting for him. Go DH

A-cats are smarter than I am, that makes me uncomfortable. But the fact that you, as a cat, were able to twitter me questions, freaks me out
Q- I'm a cat. I hear you don't like cats, you like dogs. Why?

A-That's my happy look sweetheart
Q-Why did you pick a picture of you looking so glum for you icon pic?

Yes. Please make it happen
Q- if you were in England and you got the chance to would you go on Top Gear?

A-That they will have their own hopes and dreams, independent of their parents. ·
Q-What would be ur biggest hopes and dreams for u5r boys? ·

A-the people are truly wonderful! They are as beautiful as the land itself. Hoping to make this country an important part of my future. ·
Once again. Q-Glad you're enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland? ·

A-I remind myself that, at least, I'm not David Hewlett, or a squirrel. ·
Q-When you feel depressed, what do you do? ·

A-a red go-cart, my chariot o'fire. Taught my little brother how to be a stuntman by throwing him out at full speed. High learning curve. ·
Q-Do you remember what was your fav toy you liked the most as a child? ·

Without a doubt. The road signs. Check it out. This is just from yesterday twitpic.com/2fafgf twitpic.com/2fafgi ·
twitpic.com/2fadvt ·
Q-Glad you're enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland? ·

A-Dr. Who, extras, the office ·
Q- If you could star in any Brittish film,tv program what would it be and why? ·

Might have been a problem with photo. Here it is again twitpic.com/2fa85d ·
moby.to/x9yb0s ·
This is my favourite car. Gets me from my house to the beach. Kids also love driving it. It is affectionat (cont) tl.gd/35pb7d ·
Q- What car do you drive? ·

A-4 pints of Vitamin Guinness before bed ·
Q- What's your daily intake of Vitamin G? ·

A-The Pogues "Dirty Old Town" ·
Q-What's your favorite song right now? ·

L'eau du bières ·
Q-what type of aftershave is that? ·

Need I say anymore? ·
Q-David Hewlett? Who's David Hewlett? ·

Not acting. ·
Q-Hi Joe! Is there any part of acting that you don't like? ·

A-absolutely, great role, great potential series. That's probably why it didn't get picked up. We have mediocrity to protect ·
Q-Seriously unlikely, but if the chance arose, would you be tempted to reprise the Brendan Dean role from Thought Crimes

Wasn't there another story about an actor and his squirrels? Oh, wait a minute, those were gerbils

G'morning sleepy heads. Almost 11am Dublin time. Going to start answering questions, but first, how about David Hewlett and his squirrels? ·


WHAT A DAY! Took heli over cliffs of Mohr, landed on island of Inishmore, swam in Atlantic, flew to bay of Galway for Oyster and Guinness, and all with great friends. Life is GOOD! http://yfrog.com/4bd51rj  (Aug 15)

Let's do Q&A during the day tommorow (Monday) folks.

JoeFlanigan: Chopper ride to the west coast of Ireland, Aran Islands, Cliffs if Mohr with my bro-in-law. Is there such a thing as heli-surfing?

Let's plan on Q-A for Monday (Irish time). Look forward to it · (Aug 13)

[*****You can use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to convert time. When it’s 12 a.m. Monday in Dublin, it’s the same time in London, 7:00 PM in NYC and 4:00 PM in Los Angeles. Also, do not forget to put the hashtag #AskJoe in your question to Joe).*****

BTW, the ladies @FlanInfo have been super helpful with all of this. I recommend you follow them

Q&A was fun. Should we do another one? (Aug 13)

Hewlett must have Carpal Tunnel syndrome by now. (Aug 13)

One more week of shooting 'The Other Side', more affectionately pronounced by my Irish crew as 'Te Utter Side' http://yfrog.com/7hs72nj (Aug 13)

Seriously, it's been a great experience. Wonderful cast crew and producers. Really hoping to come back for future projects (non-pub related (Aug 13)

Me and Ken @tkl7 from costumes on 'The Other Side'. He's starting to look good after 2 weeks in the woods. http://yfrog.com/afddrfj  (Aug 13)

Coming back to Ireland has been deeply profound for me, and it's not just the beer....it's also the whiskey (Aug 13)

Hewlett is suspiciously quiet. Perhaps he's too busy voting for himself. Let me give him a call (Aug 12) 

Chrissymacc: RT @dagmarvellous: Every time I catch John Rhys Davies' eye I get all flummoxed and forget all my lines.

Chrissymacc: twitpic.com/2fcjey ·(Chris and Yare)

twitpic.com/2f9bbx - Rob hard at work ·

Last week of filming! 6am pick up. Shudder. (Aug 15)

@domdomjohnshep who better to play a badass colonel than joe flanigan! (Aug 14)

Just woke up with my face stuck to the sofa to find picutes of last nights shenanigans plastered all over the internet! Excellent (Aug 14)

@PegasusAngel UGH! Jst left yare's. Woke up in on his sofa with no idea what happened last night... Good night so! (Aug 14)

Getting ready to hit the town with @JoeFlanigan and @Topomanyare .. Have a great weekend everybody! (Aug 13)

@SeixoLady Ye it really is.The entire cast and crew are Irish. Joe is the only American on board! Lots of US movies being made here. its gr8 (Aug 13)

@SeixoLady yeah I have an american accent in the film :)

Joe filming twitpic.com/2e2nga  (alas, picture taken down, darn)

@lisawest99 Its fun. when we hav alot of repellent to keep the insects away! But Joe is great. so down to earth and the rest of the cast too

@lisawest99 Pretty big, altho I havnt been filming this week as much. I'm done with all my "woods" scenes, just studio for full week left

@thekristen999 We wrap at the end of next week! Sucks.. but the sooner we finish the sooner you guys get to see the end product :)

@FlanInfo Joe is a legend. Shooting is going great thanks! Lots of fun being had by all. Coming into our last week though :(

@dagmarvellous (Darmar Doring, actress)

Every time I catch John Rhys Davies' eye I get all flummoxed and forget all my lines. ·

@FlanInfo that's the very beautiful & talented Catherine Walker But you never know, might be cosying up to @JoeFlanigan too...ah, suspense!  (Aug 14)

@lisawest99 don't worry I put @JoeFlanigan right in his place with my incredible finger acting (you might have to ask joe about that one...) (Aug 10)

@Topomanyare (Yare Jegbefume, actor)

@lisawest99 ye we are finished on Friday....pretty exciting have to say but im reallys ad about it ·
@Andy0401 a movie for TV..for the SYFY channel in the states

Andy0401 I love working with Joe man, he is awesome..We are one take wonders at the moment lol ·

is so so knackered at the moment..good day today I think lol

last week of filming..going to be a good one..woop woop

s peeved he missed the helicopter ride with the guys..ah well great time in the parents gaff (Aug 15)

must find a way to muster some gumption to drag the colonel's ass out with me...what sort of devious mind games must I deploy

great night with the colonel...now I must find a way to be a good marine today

another genius night with
bit.ly/9HKZuS... that guy is so awesome man...woop woop pal

@Chrissymacc ya missed a goodie man with Joe again,...man we're on fire

@lisawest99 awesome anytime...great for people to see how hard we're working yfrog.com/bco7oij

@dagmarvellous No bailed right after "You & Rob" left lol chris stayed in mine...did ye get home alright? we're out again tonight, ya game?

rhitv.com/movies/the-other-side loves this

@jaluch That's Rob..he's one of the other actors in the movie

@TKL7 Well myself, joe, his brother in law and chris..sending out another general message to see whos about

yfrog.com/fvq7xj ·



Just loves his cast from "The Other Side" yfrog.com/6zlsvsj yfrog.com/9dzk1bj

yfrog.com/ca9ygsj ·

@SaraT0307 Yes indeed to be continued tonight lol yfrog.com/fv891oj ·  (Chris and Joe)

@Topomanyare yfrog.com/9gu35mj  (Joe and Tyare photo) (Aug 14)

@jaluch No he certainly could not..what a legend

what a great night last night and possibly doing it again tonight...Joe crashed early..wasn't able for it (Aug 14)

we are out of the woods now and into studio on Monday..out with cast tonight..should be fun and messy lol  (Aug 13)

@lisawest99 no kissy kissy today...was a bit heartbroken but can't win them all

@FlanInfo Ye I was told to by the man upstairs..sorry guys  (re photos no longer on twitpic)

@MajorBerry This movie is "huge" for me and I'm going in there all guns blazing to do the best I can and working with people like Joe helps

And that's it for today. This is the last week of production, so hopefully we'll get some great wrap party tweets/photos.

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