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Tweets from Yare Jegbefume on Joe Flanigan's "The Other Side" (pt 3/3)

And here are all the tweets from Yare Jegbefume. They were in an earlier post, but the post got too large to edit!

 @Topomanyare (Yare Jegbefume, actor)

@lisawest99 ye we are finished on Friday....pretty exciting have to say but im reallys ad about it ·
@Andy0401 a movie for TV..for the SYFY channel in the states (Aug 16)

Andy0401 I love working with Joe man, he is awesome..We are one take wonders at the moment lol ·

is so so knackered at the moment..good day today I think lol

last week of filming..going to be a good one..woop woop

s peeved he missed the helicopter ride with the guys..ah well great time in the parents gaff (Aug 15)

must find a way to muster some gumption to drag the colonel's ass out with me...what sort of devious mind games must I deploy

great night with the colonel...now I must find a way to be a good marine today

another genius night with bit.ly/9HKZuS... that guy is so awesome man...woop woop pal

@Chrissymacc ya missed a goodie man with Joe again,...man we're on fire

@lisawest99 awesome anytime...great for people to see how hard we're working yfrog.com/bco7oij

@dagmarvellous No bailed right after "You & Rob" left lol chris stayed in mine...did ye get home alright? we're out again tonight, ya game?

rhitv.com/movies/the-other-side loves this

@jaluch That's Rob..he's one of the other actors in the movie

@TKL7 Well myself, joe, his brother in law and chris..sending out another general message to see whos about

yfrog.com/fvq7xj ·



Just loves his cast from "The Other Side" yfrog.com/6zlsvsj yfrog.com/9dzk1bj

yfrog.com/ca9ygsj ·

@SaraT0307 Yes indeed to be continued tonight lol yfrog.com/fv891oj ·  (Chris and Joe)

@Topomanyare yfrog.com/9gu35mj  (Joe and Tyare photo) (Aug 14)

@jaluch No he certainly could not..what a legend

what a great night last night and possibly doing it again tonight...Joe crashed early..wasn't able for it (Aug 14)

we are out of the woods now and into studio on Monday..out with cast tonight..should be fun and messy lol  (Aug 13)

@lisawest99 no kissy kissy today...was a bit heartbroken but can't win them all

@FlanInfo Ye I was told to by the man upstairs..sorry guys  (re photos no longer on twitpic)

@MajorBerry This movie is "huge" for me and I'm going in there all guns blazing to do the best I can and working with people like Joe helps

It's a long and tight schedule but all the actors are on top of their game and we just get stuck in..we've a great crew to keep us in check (Aug 9)

@JoeFlanigan lol....where the hell are you guys??  (Aug 8)

@alipeeps He tried to drink against a leprechaun and lost badly... lol

@JoeFlanigan Dude....you lost badly
TweetDeck in reply to JoeFlanigan

had some crack with Joe, Jason, Brian, Chris, Catherine, Cristiona, Jade & Sam...what a night man woop woop

@vecturist I don't drink but I know Joe and Jason are lol

vecturist: @Topomanyare Are you guys attempting to drink Dublin dry? ·
is looking forward to hanging out with Joe, Jason and the cast tonight...Watch out
via TweetDeck

@wraithfodder NO may friend it is certainly not a bear lol...all will be revealed soon 5 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to wraithfodder (I asked if monster was bear, after watching two Syfy movies in row with killer bears) ;)

Topomanyare: @maigheo Ye we hope it's going to be...we're working very hard and everyone is awesome

Topomanyare: @wraithfodder Ye the snogging is fun lol...All will be revealed soon as regards the plot so stay tuned ·

Topomanyare: @maigheo Ye we hope it's going to be...we're working very hard and everyone is awesome

Topomanyare: @wraithfodder Ye the snogging is fun lol...All will be revealed soon as regards the plot so stay tuned ·

August 6, 2010

is off to bed...big day tomorrow again..Loving filming at the moment, with great cast and crew about 1 hour ago via web

enjoyed a lovely lip-locking session with @dagmarvellous....Loads of tongue was used for added effect about 5 hours ago via web

Thanks guys for following me on twitter...you guys are awesome woop woop about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

enjoyed a lovely lip-locking session with @dagmarvellous....Loads of tongue was used for added effect about 5 hours ago via web

is hoping to have a thousand followers by Sunday night...Is it possible?? about 21 hours ago via TweetDeck

August 5

is going to hit the hay...big day tomorrow...Let's make it happen ·
@thekristen999 We are having such a blast man its great...more to come ·
@lisawest99 I shall indeed do my utmost and make you guys proud of both Joe and ourselves ·
@dagmarvellous Neither can I..been thinking about it for some time now...hope you bring breath mints lol ·
@alavitka ah he loves his stogies ·
@dagmarvellous get ready for some kissy time lol ·
@Dody39 Hey anytime, nice to give back to the fans ·
@ShirtnTie I think I might be seeing him this weekend man, not sure yet but we'll see ·
@Chrissymacc haha..dude I'm only figuring this stuff out now man lol ·
@ShirtnTie Trust me we are..he is wonderful man. Love the guy to death ·
@JoeFlanigan These leprechauns are ready to do battle with you for that pint...How far are you willing to go? ·
@PegasusAngel That massive crater in front of him lol ·
@PegasusAngel Ye we hope so...we're working pretty hard on it ·
: @FlanInfo Ah it was great fun...loved every moment in it ·
@scarletsquiggle Can't give it away but you'll see them soon ·
@scarletsquiggle Me too lol ·
@lisawest99 Anytime guys cheers for following me ·
@PegasusAngel haha , I loved been in there, probably me getting in the zone #TheOtherSide · Reply · RT
@ShirtnTie Ah thank you man, really appreciate that..trying to do my best and I'm glad I'm doing my job properly ·
@lolo_ray cheers dude x x will do boom and it'll be going up on the site x ·
@PegasusAngel It was cool but great fun #JoeFlanigan #TheOtherSide ·
@lolo_ray a new movie I'm doing called "The Other Side"..it's some crack hun x ·

@lolo_ray yes please hun x x will get more for you x yfrog.com/6957gj · [Yare in survival wrap]
@Chrissymacc twitpic.com/2bx0ug - Love it man...waiting for a few more off the guys..didn't get any today :( · [actor and crew member]
twitpic.com/2bwulp · [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]
twitpic.com/2bwui6 ·· [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]
twitpic.com/2bwsj4 · · [Joe Flaigan and other cast members in woods]
twitpic.com/2bwtzk · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]
twitpic.com/2bwrxi · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]
twitpic.com/2bwqws · [Yare, is that you?, in pit]
twitpic.com/2bwpgh · [Joe, in pit with actor + crew]
twitpic.com/2bwp50 · [Yare in pit, oops, mud]
twitpic.com/2bwoeo · [Crew members watch as Joe Flanigan & Yare go over script pages]
twitpic.com/2bwnq0 ·[Crew members watch as Joe Flanigan & Yare go over script pages] 
twitpic.com/2bwngy · (closer shot of Joe and Yare and script sides, and oh, look, Irish moss peat!!]
twitpic.com/2bwnai · [Crew members and Yare and boom mike]
twitpic.com/2bwmyp  [Crew members and Yare and boom mike] 

@SeixoLady No competition mate with Joe Flanigan & John Rhys Davis on board lol (Aug 3)

@sgakaz Hi mate...that's the title I was giving for the film, it might be subject to change, watch this space for more details.. 4:21 PM Aug 2nd via TweetDeck in reply to sgakaz

@GracieValenti It's a Sci-Fi Thriller, that's all I can comment on thus far but will be keeping you posted on it 3:56 PM Aug 2nd via TweetDeck in reply to GracieValenti

is playing the lead in a new feature called "The Other Side" opposite John Rhys Davis & Joe Flanigan..woop woop filming for a month..boom 11:43 PM Aug 1st via TweetDeck


Thanks to tavabean and giustyriso and more on LiveJournal and elsewhere, plus various tweets, news items and of course, the god of search engines, Google
J plus the actors for sharing the info!

 You can find tweets from others at:
Joe Flanigan: http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/439464.html
Chris Newman, Dagmar Doring & producers: http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/439614.html 
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