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Review of Kate Hewlett's play 'The Swearing Jar' in NYC (various links)

If all goes well, I'll be seeing in this coming Saturday. Don't care if it's gonna rain, bringing umbrella and well, hostess cupcakes ;)


The Swearing Jar
AK-47 Sing-Along

part of
The New York International Fringe Festival

Theatre Review by Matthew Murray

Hewlett does not offer easy answers to these questions, and working through the various troubles these four people have communicating with and about each other takes her every minute of the play. But Hewlett also doesn’t introduce any complications merely for drama’s sake — everything that happens (and the above précis covers almost the entire plot) happens for a very good reason, and you never feel you’re being misled or misdirected as much as being placed into the confused, questioning, and yearning states of mind of the characters themselves. Nappo, Stanton, and Quillin derive so much comedy, hope, and pain from the people they play that feel you’re surrounded by decades-old friends rather than folks you’ve known for barely an hour.




Hewlett is likable as the lead, bouncing easily between familiar banter with hubby, Simon (Vince Nappo), and bumbling flirtations with a painfully awkward bookstore clerk, overplayed by the rosy-cheeked Christopher Stanton




Preview by Dustin Olson, producer

What is your show about?
The Swearing Jar is about Carey and Simon, an otherwise perfect married couple with a swearing problem. Simon's mother Bev is quitting smoking by switching to menthols and Owen would be a very helpful bookstore employee if only it weren't for his flare pants...

What is exciting and/or unique about your show?
Kate Hewlett, the playwright and lead, has a loyal following. She appeared in four episodes of the sci-fi hit Stargate Atlantis alongside her brother David Hewlett, and recently wowed Toronto audiences in a revival of Assassins. Her quirky and big-hearted plays Humans Anonymous and The Swearing Jar have both won awards at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Kate was also featured in a 2007 nytheatre.com podcast during the NYC run of Humans Anonymous.



Video interview with Kate Hewlett.


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