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Tweets from "The Other Side" (8/17-18/2010) Joe Flanigan & cast

Under cut for length....



I gotta tell you, this dog contest rocks! If only dogs ran the world. Can't wait to pick winner. Keep em coming folks

Wow. We've got hundreds, maybe thousand of dog pics. Stiff competition . It's a dog-eat-dog world outher. @dhewlett where is Mars? ·

Try to keep everything to 1 pic

Incredible response already! Need help from the girls at FlanInfo to start saving pics.

Make sure they are saveable images

Announcing first online dog show. Twitter-Dawg? T-Dawg? Top-Dawg? Send photos of dogs, i pick winner. No cats,squirrels or ex-girlfriends

This would be Grover. The bane of my existence and mortal threat to all nice rugs and furniture twitpic.com/2ftzlg

@JennyLovesSGA I notice you!! ·

RT @jonhall1980: @JoeFlanigan from the right angle Oscar looks a bit like Dhewlett. Sorry Oscar.

Reminding my castmate Rob Soohan to keep his finger out of his nose and remember his lines. twitpic.com/2ftvmn ·

My best friend and drinking buddy 'Oscar' twitpic.com/2ftuz2

My best friend and drinking buddy 'Oscar' yfrog.com/mcbemj ·

Reminding my castmate Rob Soohan to keep his finger out of his nose and remember his lines. http://twitpic.com/2ftvmn

[Note, the send your dog photo contest is over. Pics are up at @flaninfo’s website]


@chrissymacc (Chris Newman, actor)

RT @TKL7: The bad boys yfrog.com/g0cotaj ·

http://twitpic.com/2fuzs8  (RobSoohan)

http://twitpic.com/2fuz77 - Sleepy Rob strikes again

Ther is nothing worse than losing cards to @Topomanyare ... His victory dance is horrendous


@dagmarvellous (Darmar Doring, actress)

Robs twitter fame's gone to his head. He went on a diva rampage & annihilated my thumb. That's my thumb-modelling career down the drain...(Aug 17)


@robsoohan  (added 8/17/2010 – dragged to Twitter by Joe Flanigan) ;)

Sleepy Joe!!!!!  http://yfrog.com/c84bhj

@Chrissymacc chris literally had a poo during filming!! yfrog.com/n7zxij ·

@JoeFlanigan A reminder to all that nose picking can affect your brain.. yfrog.com/9h9fudj

@JoeFlanigan Joe, I know you're trying to frighten me. And. It's. Working! ...

@robsoohan I have lost my Twitter virginity and it hurt! :-(   (Aug 17)


@Topomanyare (Yare Jegbefume, actor)

@JoaneFlanigan Ye joe has been praising the loyalty of you guys ·

I love been a part of this family and would love to do more Sci-Fi if possible

http://youtu.be/miUKTDMtTXg this is a piece of work I'm rather proud of...hope you like

@silvercomet21 Why thank you..glad we can be entertaining and hopefully the movie does the same ·

is thinking about having a twitter war with @Chrissymacc & @Robsoohan

@JoaneFlanigan Yes I am indeed...Chris seems to be leading it and with Joe putting on his status, I'm afraid rob will win out · (Aug 17)

@lisawest99 ye we are finished on Friday....pretty exciting have to say but im reallys ad about it ·
@Andy0401 a movie for TV..for the SYFY channel in the states (Aug 16)

Andy0401 I love working with Joe man, he is awesome..We are one take wonders at the moment lol ·

is so so knackered at the moment..good day today I think lol

last week of filming..going to be a good one..woop woop

s peeved he missed the helicopter ride with the guys..ah well great time in the parents gaff (Aug 15)


@TKL7 (Costume designer on movie)
The bad boys http://yfrog.com/g0cotaj  (Chris and Yare) (Aug 18)


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