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Episode review: SGA "Sunday" (thar be a ton of spoilers)

I both loved and hated this episode for various reasons, but it was good... read the cut doohickey below for the long, very long synopsis, quotes from key scenes and my opinions (not that they're worth anything which is why they're given away free on the net, right?)



Teyla and the lady doc (Dr. Hewston) walking along, talking about men. Finally! I mean, Teyla’s not dead. And they work in the bantos rods terminology, so we fanfic writers can actually reference them. I like that we got some of the Athosian dating culture – it sounds like women aren’t as forward as they are on Earth TV ;) Plus we get to see that Teyla has connected friend-wise with other people on Atlantis besides her team members.


The day off was neat, and Athosians rest every four days? Sign me up! This sounds even better than France! ;)


The explosion which took out the breakroom, knocked Teyla down (which made sense) didn’t scorch the walls. At least not that I could see. Did they? Ack, Teyla got speared. And ooh, left side. Spleen. Not good.


Ok crap, this is probably the last time we see Paul McGillion in the credits L Except on repeats, of course.


Okay, Weir’s getting invited to lunch by a scientist type (Mike Branton), who sorta reminded me of Noah Wylie in some respects. Wait, where was I? Okay, she doesn’t do the dating in the office route (which is very smart, really). “You are more appealing than a wall.” Ah, yup J


And a Teyla – Weir moment. They do lunch! Girl talk. And Beckett, smart guy. Noticed right off the bat she had a hot date. I like that we can see some teasing between the team members on a more personal level.


The lunch was sorta fun to watch as we haven’t seen Weir have much in the way of personal moments, and a kiss even (shippers, close your eyes – eek!) But alas, she breaks it off.


Okay, this three hours before, five hours before stuff is weird, but seeing the little bits were fun. Teyla getting out of being taught golf. I really, truly can’t blame the woman. Golf is NOT exciting, although I’d make an exception for playing with Shep and Ronon if only to play so badly as to drive Shep nuts. And Teyla dumping Ronon with golf. “It’s going to be fun,” insists Shep. Ronon says in futility, “Fun, uh huh.” (Plus this is the first time Ronon has called Shep ‘John’).


Ronon is so right ... hitting a little ball as far as you can. And Shep is going on about the game, and Ronon sighing “so this is a water hazard?” looking out over the ocean. He doesn’t find it hard at all, so one-handed (in probably very bad golf form at least that’s what experts would decry, right?) sends the ball off into the bleachers, so to speak. Wait, wait, I hear this hissing, squeaking sound. It’s Shep’s ego sinking like a rock! ;) And he’s been playing since he was six (no Tiger Woods, eh?). “It’s not a distance game, it’s an accuracy one,” pouts Shep. “So pick a spot,” challenges Ronon. And fortunately Beckett saves Shep from dying of embarrassment. And he tries to invite them fishing while fending off the other golf partner, Dr. Watson, who seems to be a hyprochrondriac – or not (he’s got a pain in his chest, ah hah!). Ah, sigh…and poor Shep’s slice as he tried the one-handed thing.


I LOVED Ronon’s ‘grab the flag’ game. Shep is gonna be so bruised, if not slightly concussed, after that game. “You know, I could do this all day,” gloats Ronon, heh heh. Oh, the hopping on one leg part was so funny, especially with Shep’s bobbing head. It was just so funny – like that bobbing bird toy I had as a kid - even when he got wiped out. (Okay, for the ‘boxer peakge’ fans, yes, several glimpses. End of shallowness).



Now, Shep’s idea of how to spend a day off is my idea, well, except crunching beer cans into the forehead. Stupid guy thing…Plus we get tidbits. “Your game’s a little bit too much like my day job,” Shep says to Ronon and then he starts with some banter on who else Ronon might hang out with. “You dating anyone?” “Like a woman?” says Ronon. “or a man,” replies Shep, and notice how his stares oddly at Ronon as if afraid the Satedan might go ‘yes’ to that last remark? Nope. Not ready and then we find out that woman from “Sateda” wasn’t his wife, but definitely someone he really loved, and whoa!, when Ronon asks “When are you getting married?” Shep just sorta laughs and says “Already done that. Not very good at it. Besides, there really isn’t anyone here that, you know…” to which Ronon says “I always thought you and Teyla would, uh, you know.” “Really?” laughs Shep. “Yeah, why not?” says Ronon and Shep seems to think about it but then the KABOOM of the explosion reverberates through the city.


Next is Beckett in action. Three dead. A dozen or so severely injured which includes Teyla who is dragged by on a stretcher, bloody bandage around her middle and Shep is really alarmed at that sight to the point he asks Beckett twice. Radek’s in charge as Rodney’s in the lab. And the eyewitnesses says Dr. Hewston exploded, but there’s no bomb residual anywhere. Very confusing.


Fourteen hours earlier – McKay is in his blue bathrobe, micromanaging two scientists in the infirmary (Beckett in background) and berating them for waking him up. He’s going on about rules and protocols. Oh wait, one of those scientists is the late Dr. Hewston and Dr. Watson. They were cataloguing some Ancient abandoned lab and activated a device (at this point, the Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Red flashing neon sign should be above their heads) Oh, the other scientist is Jim, Shep’s golfing partner. Ooh, Rodney says his four-year old niece is smarter than them. Beckett says the body scans say they’ll be fine while Rodney is still pissed that they could killed everybody, but Rodney relents, telling them to take tomorrow off. It’s the mandatory rest day. Rodney forgot! Then Beckett mimics going fishing very happily and Rodney looks so depressed. “Oh great.”


And Rodney is still seeing Katie Brown. She’s still tending her plants and he’s trying to lure her away from the ferns and he’s trying to get away from Beckett’s fishing plans. “I cannot think of a more torturous way of spending my day than to be up to my hips in water trying to get worms on hooks,’ and listening to Carson prattle on about boring subjects. He only agreed cuz it was a month away and nothing had come up so he’d rather take Katie out to lunch but she has to babysit the ferns. He says ferns win over fish; he’ll bring lunch (ANYTHING to get out of fishing), so he sneaks around the commissary gathering lunch when Beckett finds him, who thinks he’s grabbing snacks for them, but Rodney says Katie laid the guilt on him (liar!) and says he’ll spend the day with Katie. Promises next week he’ll do it. Geez, their food is pre-packaged sandwiches in plastic.


Meanwhile, Katie really likes the lunch and she admits the Cadman thing nearly ruined a potential relationship. He ignored her for a few months. Now she’s thinking he’s making an effort to spend time with her (oh, poor girl). He then says that with his sister so happy with her family, that maybe he’d like to get married, but then he says not to her, but he’s putting his foot in his mouth but not right then. He likes Katie and she likes him and Rodney finds it ‘baffling.’ And just as they really seem to be hitting it off and wow, maybe even heading toward an awkward kiss, KABOOM in the background.


Back to Shep and Radek talking about the explosion. Rodney calls in (they have long walks – transporters are out) but end up in their lab. Hewston and Watson inadvertently activated a machine and turned it off although it admitted an odd radiation. Unfortunately they decided to check it out later. The device is a weapon created by the Ancients to combat the wraith, which was abandoned cuz it killed anyone in the proximity. It creates explosive tumors. He gives the science behind it and the tumor reaches critical mass and they have to find Dr. Watson before he goes kaboom.


Segue to operating room where Dr. James Watson is on the operating table.


Argh, two hours earlier and we’re back to Beckett and Rodney in the mess hall. Beckett goes through a common area where Radek and some scientist are playing chess and the Czech is winning. In fact, it’s a chess club which Radek tries to lure him into. Beckett is trying to find a fishing partner, but they’re playing for items and he’s won a desk fan, Dr. Mallozzi’s (name dropping by TPTB) anime DVD collection AND a coupon for a free Swedish massage from Dr. Ambrose. No way he is bailing. He’s winning every game too.


Now we find Lorne oil painting out on a balcony and he’s good (well, a stick figure would have been bad). His mother was an art teacher and that’s what they did on weekends. Stopped during basic training but picking it up again, and no, doesn’t have time to fish as he wants to finish the painting (of Atlantis).

Beckett then finds some very, very chatterbox of a woman who he was going to invite but quickly decides not to and whoa, didn’t recognize her in any aspect, but it’s Dr. Biro who is a total contrast to how she acts while cutting open corpses. Next is some woman (nurse?) back in the infirmary as he’s quit trying to go fishing. She’s got a migraine. She didn’t want to interrupt his fishing trip as he’s been looking forward to it for two weeks. He tells hers to go rest.


He treats a patient. Sprained ankle from improper shoes. Tells her to take better care of herself when the KABOOM echoes and the medical people spring into action and we segue right back to Teyla’s bloody body on the stretcher but she’s awake at that point. Then they go to surgery when he saves her life. Next patient is Dr. Watson, who got cut up in the explosion, then segue to McKay’s explanation of explosive tumors and Watson…then Rodney’s page for Watson comes through and McKay tells Beckett the problem. McKay tells Beckett to abandon his patient basically. Beckett gets everybody else out and a lady doctor stays behind to help.


Meanwhile, Shep finds out Beckett has sealed everybody out of the level. They want him out of there but Beckett isn’t abandoning his patient. Rodney is worried while Shep pushes that it could damage the city’s structure and no matter what they say, Beckett won’t leave.


Meanwhile, Shep and McKay tell Weir what’s going on. Nobody is happy with what Beckett has done but the surgeon gets the tumor out and into a cooler. A bomb expert is on his way now that the level is open. Beckett decides to meet the man halfway. He wants it out of the room. And it’s all working so well. Meets the bomb expert, hands it over, and just as the bomb expert turns and Beckett calls “We just made the handoff” and walks off, KABOOM and the bomb expert is TOAST and Beckett is engulfed in SPX flames and no doubt dies horribly from the flash burns. Ugh, urg. SCREAM!!! ARGH!!!


Segue to later, with Rodney packing up Carson’s room, and you see a picture of them from “Duet” and a fishing hat on a table and lots of books. Rodney’s in a shirt and tie, as formal as we’ve ever seen him, and he’s very, very down when Ronon comes in. They’ll send his stuff back home to his family. The body is going back to Earth and Rodney will tell his mother. Rodney’s wracked with guilt.


Rodney: “I should have just gone fishing with him.”
Ronon: “Don’t.” (and he does look and sound emotional)

Rodney: “No, if I’d gone fishing, if I’d checked the machine, if I hadn’t assigned two junior guys to catalog the lab.”

Ronon: “Rodney, what’s done is done.

Rodney: “I know. And ..that’s what’s killing me.”


Rodney turns back to packing and Ronon leaves. Sniffle. You can see tears brimming in Rodney’s eyes.


I’d say that THAT was the most emotional, sniffly scene of the entire film, even more so than the pallbearer casket through the gate scene (which rates a close second).


Infirmary. Teyla trying to get out of bed. Sheppard arrives, in his dress blues, telling her to stay put. She wants to go to the memorial. We can see Watson in the bed not far away, alive thanks to Carson. He agrees, will get a wheelchair, but she wants to stand, “as a testament to him.”


Teyla: “How are you doing?”

Shep: “Me? Fine, but I didn’t get major surgery two days ago.”

Teyla: “That is not what I meant.”

Shep: “(pause) It hasn’t hit me yet. I’m not looking forward to it when it does.”

Teyla: “I feel a great sadness. (pause) He… I feel a great sadness.”

Shep lets her put her arm around his shoulder as he escorts her out.


Weir leads the memorial, for all the dead, but especially for Carson. Everybody is in dress uniforms or suits. Sheppard looks very dismal.



Weir speaks.


“We say goodbye to a lot of friends today. Our mission is a dangerous one. We lose people. A fact we’re all painfully aware of. Carson was… I can’t remember anybody coming to me with a complaint against him, ever. He was a kind soul, he was… he wa sa healer and he will very deeply missed. George Fabricus said ‘death comes to us all. But great achievements they build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold. Every single life Carson saved is a monument to him. And that gives me great comfort.”


Weir nods and the bagpipes play as the gate is dialed up. Everybody is there and everybody looks sad (especially the extras). Then Shep, McKay (at front), Lorne and Biro (correction, no the other doctor who had the migraine in the infirmary and he told her to relax), and Radek and Ronon, take their position as pallbearers and take Carson through the gate one last time.


Back to Atlantis. Night. McKay is standing on one of the docks and Carson comes up behind him. Dream sequence? Perhaps…



Carson: “How did it go back on Earth?”

Rodney: “It was, um, it was awful. Your family was amazing, though.”

Carson: “Aye, they are. Good turnout?”

Rodney: “Oh, packed the church.”

Carson: “Oh, that’s good to hear.” (pause)

Rodney: “It’s not going to be the same around here without you.”

Carson: “You’re telling me.”

Rodney: “You know, the universe is a big place. Who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other again.”

Carson: “Aye, who knows?” (pause)

Rodney: “You were the closest thing to a best friend that I ever had….I’m really, really sorry. I should have just—“

Carson: “Hey, this isn’t your fault.”

Rodney: “You’re just telling me what I want to hear. “

Carson: “Well, that’s what best friends do sometimes. And in this case, it also happens to be true. Take care of yourself, Rodney.”

Rodney: “Goodbye, Carson.”


And it segues to a long shot of McKay and Carson and Carson just fades away….






Okay, I did like the episode. It was good, although the back and forth time stuff was distracting, and we got some good background on characters, but why, Why, WHY did they have to kill Carson? I hate to whine this, but it smacks of what they did with Doc Fraiser on SG1 and fans still hate that. Is there some unwritten motto in the Bridge Studio offices that you must off the loveable doctor characters to annoy the fans?? I’d like to order some dead trout and smack some people on the head – probably those at Bridge and no doubt some moron at Skiffy too. Woudn’t surprise me if they had their hand in this as hey, was it a financial decision? We need to save money – who can we cut from the cast?


Back to the episode.


Radek being a chess ‘shill.’ Snort. He’s wiping everybody out in the chess club and cleaning up on the goodies. I’m willing to get he’s better than Rodney as Rodney wouldn’t stoop to losing in public.


Lorne a painter? Who would have thunk? You know, the set folk should save that painting (by whoever did it) and put it toward a charity auction. Could get some major bucks.


Will there be anything more between Weir and Mike, the hunky Noah Wylie type clone? Don’t know. I think Weir doesn’t want to get burned, but doesn’t want work conflicts. Sigh…


Eegads, Biro. So studious and sharp while dissecting, and off-the-wall even too weird for Beckett to go fishing with. But then she’s back to serious for the pallbearer task.


Teyla and Ronon were good in this – more than just swinging a gun or a stick, sorry, Bantos rod. Some insight into Teyla- she’s interested in someone, but who? We can only guess. Fuel for Shelya fans. Meanwhile, Ronon still isn’t over the death of his ladylove from “Sateda,” and shock of shock, Sheppard had been married?!


That tidbit, plus Beckett’s death, seem to be the two things burning up various boards, with most people truly upset about Beckett’s demise. Face it, it’s like killing the family pet, the beloved family pet who never did any harm. It’s like bumping off Lassie. What were the producers thinking?? Or smoking. Or whatever. Sheesh.


Meanwhile, poor Shep is being accused of ruining the marriage by sleeping around and I can’t fathom where fans got THAT idea, but well, to each their own.


I see it as incredible fodder for fanfic (and I’m so so so so hoping certain fan writers do something with it).


My take… Shep’s marriage couldn’t withstand the rigors of his job. I seriously doubt he was sleeping around. He doesn’t strike me as the ‘cad’ type. Yes, he’s free now so he can do what he want but heck, as far as we know, he’s slept only with Teer and that was after six months of being there. Anyway, I figure he married young, before he went off to Afghanistan and got himself into a heap of trouble. And I’m sure he was truthful about not being good at marriage. It’s something both parties really have to work at and maybe he didn’t or couldn’t. Because I seriously doubt TPTB will give us anymore on that tidbit, fanfic writers are free to go anywhere. He could have been off on assignment too much and she divorced him (I sorta think she divorced him, not the other way around, unless she cheated on him as he was never around, oh wait, that was an NCIS plot, wasn’t it?). Anyway, now fans can go back and re-analyze everything we’ve seen on Sheppard. He is an emotionally distant sort of guy, and does internalize a lot of his feelings, and perhaps his wife couldn’t deal with that or it put such a division in the marriage that after a while, that was enough. Shep’s no saint, but he’s not a demon either. He’s simply human, and trying to do the best he can.


Personally, I want to see some fanfic as I think Beckett tried to cajole everybody into going fishing with him, with no luck, and I’d like to see their different feelings on ‘if only…’


Photos snerched from Franklyn_Blaze at GW (BIG thanks for capping!)- http://forum.gateworld.net/showpost.php?p=6207404&postcount=166


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