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Stargate Con - 8/28/2010 - Chicago - Twitters from attendees / Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett, 1/2

I couldn't go, so did the next best thing: followed it on twitter! :) Below are a whole bunch of tweets (will probably take two posts).




  • Leaving Chicago. Trying to recuperate from my time in stage with Hewlett. Hope he doesn't mind the dirty handkerchief I put in his bag (Aug 28)
  • Django twitpic.com/2j2aqk  (Aug 28)
  • Felix twitpic.com/2j2ami  (Aug 28)
  • Now that's the sad face I'm looking for. twitpic.com/2intha  (aug 27)
  • Is Grover sad I'm leaving? I'm reading apathy. twitpic.com/2int6u  (Aug 27)
  • Chicago, Chicago, hell of a town, hell of a town. Then Toronto. They need theme song..and I they will have one after I'm done w/ that city (Aug 27)
  • Back in in Malibu. Attacked by my four dogs. When they piss on your leg, that means they miss you, right? Waves are sweet. Going surfin! (Aug 26)




  • Chicago you owe me one signing arm! Thanks so much for the long and happy lines...See you soon! (Aug 29)
  • Want to discuss Chicago Convention or next weeks Dragon*Con or more...why not dial up dGeek: bit.ly/a99PSt ·
  • @JoeFlanigan Currently heating my room to above 114 degrees in order kill off any possible con-Flanigan-ation I may have been exposed to
  • Don't go changing @joeflanigan, we love you just the way you are...leaving! ·
  • Just got to Chicago and I've already lost @joeflanigan and missed Picardo...great to catch up with the fabulous master Shanks though! (Aug 27)
  • Waiting for plane and so tired, thanks to Baz's 4am potty training session, I just dropped my iPhone in my coffee...Chicago, here I Zzzz...!
  • Back from Los Angeles so I can get back on plane tomorrow and fly to see my peeps in Chicago. I try but can't make word "peeps" work for me




Chicago Stargate convention

August 27-29, 2010


Guests:  Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Michael Shanks, Andee Frizzell, Chris  Heyerdahl (must admit concentrated mostly on Joe and David).


AUGUST 27, 2010


  1. PlayItGrand: Now at the karaoke party, hosted by Robert Picardo! Dan Shea and Christopher Heyerdahl are supposed to be here soon!
  2. PlayItGrand: Christopher just came in! My God he's TALL! LOL
  3. PlayItGrand: The Cabaret was great! Dan told stories, Andee told funny dating stories, & Robert's cousin(LOL) Alphonso sang & took questions!!
  4. silvercomet21: Cabaret was great. Well, you hardly can be wrong with people like Dan Shea, Andee Frizzell and Robert Picardo.
  5. taralee2: Dan Shea rambled about stunt work (details later), Andee Frizzell told some dating horror story GEMS (not hers!) and...
  6. taralee2: And when I say Dan Shea rambled... I literally mean rambled. He's awesome! #
  7. taralee2: Chris Heyerdahl & Andee Frizzell sang Lion Sleeps Tonight with group of fans.




AUGUST 28, 2010


  1. taralee2: Today's #chicon guests are Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett & Dan Shea. #ShanksSaturday
  2. taralee2: Michael Shanks & Joe Flanigan photo op going on now. Holy Moly!! #chicon #ShanksSaturday
  3. WormholeRiders: @karenford1 Good morning! Today is not only #ShanksSaturday it is #HewlettHappyDay & #FlaniganFestival @ #ChiCon XD @JoeFlanigan @DHewlettt
  4. WormholeRiders: Get the smelling salts! Fainting in progress! RT @taralee2 Michael Shanks & @JoeFlanigan photo op now! Holy Moly!!
  5. taralee2: Waiting in line for Joe Flanigan solo photo op now. Lots of photo ops today! Panels will be amazing! #
  6. dannysgirlsg1: #ShanksSaturday has officially started the way it's meant to - with Shanks in person! XD
  7. connie_point: Getting ready to knock #ShanksSaturday out of the park WITH SHANKS! #
  8. taralee2: Just started my report for yesterday with some of the down time between the photo ops and the start of Q&A's. This should be good!
  9. PlayItGrand: OMG I LOVE @dhewlett !!! Thank you for coming David!!!!
  10. taralee2: Joe & David both say they were terrible students. Joe's favorite subject: history & English. David's: English.
  11. taralee2: Joe & David's least fav SGA ep: Enemy At the Gate. Because it was the last ep and didn't really make sense
  12. taralee2: The current photo op line for the Joe & David duo is inSANELY long! It's wrapping around several times
  13. taralee2: Joe's fav ep of SGA was Vegas, David's was Grace Under Pressure & both hated any eps that were in the puddle jumper for a long time.
  14. taralee2: David does a lovely rendition of Rachel Luttrell singing in Critical Mass. "Circle, circle" (in a high pitched voice).
  15. taralee2: David changed Joe's iPhone lock screen to a picture of himself! Surprised Joe when it rang and he pulled it out & saw David's face!
  16. taralee2: Joe was given a trophy for Twitter Actor of the Month and David was given a runner up trophy. David says he will become a runner!
  17. taralee2: David joked how Joe asked David what twitter was and how he's been on twitter for 3 weeks and he wins Actor of the Month
  18. taralee2: David was given a wonderful painting of Atlantis by a fan. Then made fun of Joe for not getting any gifts
  19. taralee2: David asked Joe "Ohh, where are all YOUR gifts?! Did they roll off the stage??"
  20. taralee2: When David first came out he proceeded to rock in the chair to which Joe then wondered where the idea for actors chairs came from...
  21. taralee2: ...prompting David to then mock him about how people came to the con to listen to Joe talk about the history of the chair.
  22. malt_berg: I take it back, ppl are a little glammier for photo ops today cuz it's Joe Flanigan ;)
  23. zeldasquared: lovely way to start the morning..Joe Flanigan hug'age.
  24. malt_berg: Michael Shanks is wearing a soft cuddly sweater & he's very sweet. Joe Flanigan isn't hard on the eyes either lol ·
  25. thetinnishflash: *Headdesk* Joe Flanigan looked at me soooooooo confusedly for my Vala costume! I need an Atlantis costume, apparently.
  26. saraneuie: @thetinnishflash omigosh I love it! And if Joe Flanigan doesn't know his SG-1 characters, then he should be doing the headdesk
  27. thetinnishflash: Duuuude. @dhewlett wants to guest star on Sanctuary, make it happen @SyFy @amandatapping @damiankindler ·
  28. cali0623: Per @dhewlett - the key to working with @JoeFlanigan is staying out of the shadow of his hair. :D
  29. Artist4life925: Omg still getting over a @dhewlett @joeflanigan sandwich!!!
  30. Awwww, @dhewlett is talking about @amandatapping being welcoming and sweet, and @joeflanigan said she's unflappable. <3 <3
  31. thetinnishflash: Awwwww @joeflanigan just got the twitter actor of the month award and poor @dhewlett got a runnner up. SG fans & actors are adorable!
  32. taralee2: Currently in the line for David's solo photo op. Photo ops galore today!! #
  33. PlayItGrand: In line for Joe's autograph :D #
  34. karenford1: HOW CAN I EVER THANK U??? RT @dannysgirlsg1: Just got Joe's autograph for Karen...Joe and David's panel was amazingly funny.
  35. dannysgirlsg1: Still have a bit of a wait until the Shanks fun kicks off - it's killing me! XP
  36. gatemedic: Wow, great day! Got my hugs and pics with Joe Flanigan David Hewlett
  37. saska50: Just met Joe Flanigan. Wow, better looking in person. Very nice. Greatest hair on the planet!
  38. dailyflanigan: Chicago Con 8/28/2010 twitpic.com/2j3uwu ·
  39. gdecker6: @JoeFlanigan and @dhewlett Thank you for being at the con in Chicago today. You guys are like the Abbott and Costello of Stargate!!
  40. grrlse7en: @dhewlett it's comforting in an odd sort of way to know we're all in chicago...so my friend said....guess just hearing ur here made his day
  41. Sleepyingb: @dhewlett you and Joe were hilarious, thanks for coming. Nice to see another Tom Baker fan. ·
  42. taralee2: Duo photo op with @joeflanigan & Michael Shanks came out GREAT!!! Same with my single photo op with @joeflanigan!! #chicon #ShanksSaturday
  43. taralee2: Pip, @dannysgirlsg1 has been at her meet & great with Michael Shanks for the past 35 minutes!!
  44. bobtheheadcrab: twitpic.com/2j49bq - HOTEL! I need a long nap before
  45. dhewlett Great to share the stage with @joeFlanigan in Chicago, or anywhere, but Chicago particularly. He's gone? I never liked that guy..beady eyes!
  46. dhewlett: Don't go changing @joeflanigan, we love you just the way you are...leaving! ·
  47. dhewlett: @JoeFlanigan Currently heating my room to above 114 degrees in order kill off any possible con-Flanigan-ation I may have been exposed to
  48. GCm4n: @JoeFlanigan @dhewlett lol you guys are like two squabbling brothers! I love it!!!
  49. teamsoph: @dhewlett @JoeFlanigan Your maritals are so cute...who gets the dogs in the divorce?
  50. bleedtheblock: @dhewlett love the bromance you & @JoeFlanigan have!! LOL!
  51. Tashirasbubble: LMAO!!! OMG! The @dhewlett and @JoeFlanigan Show has continued onto Twitter - Keep it up guys - you two are just the best - sooo funny :)
  52. cali0623: @domdomjohnshep Stille breathing. :) He was wonderful. He and @dhewlett were hysterical. They play off eachother so well. :)
  53. WatcherLinda: LOL..You 2 crack me up on Twitter. :) @dhewlett @JoeFlanigan
  54. dhewlett: Want to discuss Chicago Convention or next weeks Dragon*Con or more...why not dial up dGeek: bit.ly/a99PSt ·
  55. koshi700: I love the banter between @dhewlett and @JoeFlanigan it makes my day. ·
  56. DaccForce: The same can be said of the privilege of having a Twitter-row seat to @katehewlett and @dhewlett's...Hewlettisms of Awesome Hewlettness. <3 ·
  57. domdomjohnshep: @dhewlett @JoeFlanigan Wow Old brothers always keep looking for each other continuing your banter through your tweets.Childs you are.Love
  58. FPMolina: Shanks "disliked" making "The shroud" because of all the makeup applies and reapplies. by the last scene his face was raw.
  59. FPMolina: Shanks~it's hard to pick a fav way to die. #stargate #
  60. JoeFlanigan: Leaving Chicago. Trying to recuperate from my time in stage with Hewlett. Hope he doesn't mind the dirty handkerchief I put in his bag.
  61. Titine062 : [PIC] of Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett at the Chicago con. Credit by mapsandlegends http://twitpic.com/2j4p78
  62. druidsfire: @dhewlett and @joeflanigan trading tweets = hilarity. Best married couple-esque tweets since Shatner and Nimoy started bickering on Twitter
  63. qultng1: @dhewlett @joeFlanigan You guys crack me up! Wish I could have been there this weekend! *hugs*
  64. FPMolina: Shanks stole the red phone from set!!!!!!!
  65. FPMolina: Run away! #Chicon twitpic.com/2j58u9
  66. PlayItGrand: Michael was awesome as always! So fun! He's doing photo ops now. Lucky people! He looks AHMAZING!!!
  67. FPMolina: VALA #ChiCon twitpic.com/2j5f7p ·
  68. FPMolina: Satedan #chicon twitpic.com/2j5fu3 ·
  69. taralee2: Michael Shanks: Favorite ep to film was Avenger 2.0 because he was only in 1 scene so only had to work an hour and a half that week.
  70. taralee2: Just got my @dhewlett photo op. I got a smug McKay face!! I LOVE it!!!!!
  71. SpaceGypsies: RT @PlayItGrand: Michael was awesome as always! So fun! He's doing photo ops now. Lucky people! He looks AHMAZING!!!
  72. taralee2: Michael said Sanctuary was wonderful, very comfortable working with everyone, a lot of the same #Stargate faces
  73. taralee2: Some of the group for the costume contest. twitpic.com/2j5v3a #
  74. pintsizeninja: Photo of me and @JoeFlanigan turned out great. yfrog.com/i3n8jaj My photo with @dhewlett is even better. Sorry Joe.
  75. MandyDuchovney: A photo with Michael Shanks and Joe Flanigan eh? Well....I'm very happy for you all that were there. No..really I am. Honest :p
  76. ItSKristyJonAs3: Met Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Robert Pricardo, and Christopher Heyerdahl... Now Michael Shanks!Also David and Michaels Autographs!!!! ·
  77. metakate: The view from the back. Michael Shanks, King of chicago con. twitpic.com/2j4xsb
  78. SDJCNE: Michael Shanks Q&A twitpic.com/2j4zms ·
  79. pattimalone: Photo: I owe ya’ll like…4 days of photos. Here’s one. Michael Shanks. My first real geek crush. Mmmm, Daniel... tumblr.com/xhah03enh
  80. dougmatlock: @dhewlett you and @JoeFlanigan need to make an Internet series of shorts. The chemistry you guys have would make it huge!
  81. PlayItGrand: David signed my book! He's really excited about #DragonCon!!!
  82. taralee2: Autographs with @dhewlett & Michael Shanks are. Now some dinner before the Desert Party.
  83. malt_berg: I won this McKay wall banner in the auction & then he signed it. David Hewlett loves me, it says so <3 tweetphoto.com/42037364 ·
  84. AtlantisJackson: Squeee!! This squirrel has met David Hewlett!! Yay me! --me too!! :D //me three! :D
  85. SwimChicSQ: Have my @dhewlett and shanks autographs waiting for pizza, I love the personalization @dhewlett did!!! ·
  86. kingdomfaraway: Me and @midnightbex walked past the door and bam @JoeFlanigan was standing there. Good morning indeed.
  87. metakate: Michael Shanks is speeding through autographs. Apparently @dhewlett is personalizing and chatting even when he's not supposed to. Love him!
  88. elfgirl: Just when I thought @dhewlett's oversharing was more than I could deal with, @joeflanigan shows up. Oy.
  89. thetinnishflash: So we timed, added and averaged how long @dhewlett takes to sign per person. 29.5 seconds!
  90. Merrov: Thank you to @dhewlett for a wonderful experience with pictures and autographs. It was fantastic to meet you! ·
  91. AtlantisJackson: Yes! @dhewlett it was really great to meet you! Fantastic experience, thank you! @JoeFlanigan great to meet you again too! Thanks for coming
  92. kingdomfaraway: After 2 hours I can see @dhewlett's arm! YAY!
  93. metakate: Finally on the road home again after getting my @dhewlett autograph. 3 more hours till home. ·
  94. Merrov: The votes are in! The con gold ticket holders would love to see @dhewlett join us at the dessert party if he has time. :) ·
  95. midnightbex: I actually managed whole sentences all three times I met @dhewlett! It is a miracle!
  96. Sleepyingb: @dhewlett thank you for signing all those autographs with personalization. Doctor Who ROCKS!!!!!! Fish and custard anyone?
  97. daselle: @dhewlett. Can't believe you are still signing autographs for fans.
  98. metakate: @dhewlett Thank you for coming to Chicago and taking time to be so courteous to your fans. This is why we love you better than @JoeFlanigan!
  99. touchofstrange: @JoeFlanigan & @dhewlett were both so wonderful at the Chicago SGA Con. Absolutely hilarious on stage together. Such a fantastic time!
  100. pintsizeninja: And the photo of @dhewlett @joeflanigan and I. Love these guys, so much fun. yfrog.com/af5eoj
  101. taralee2: Quick version for now but... me with Michael Shanks & @joeflanigan twitpic.com/2j5lny
  102. Scifigirl23: Spent the day at the Stargate Convention in Chicago. Really enjoyed the Q & As with David Hewlett & Joe Flanigan, and then Michael Shanks
  103. kitsunehi13: David Hewlett I love you for personalizing everyone's stuff. But you're taking forever because u chat a lot! Haha!


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