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Stargate Con - 8/28/2010 - Chicago - Twitters from attendees / Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett, 2/2

And here are the rest of the tweets from today, focusing on Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett :)


August 29, 2010


  1. metakate: @JoeFlanigan Thank you for coming to Chicago if only briefly. You totally earned a knitted puddlejumper. ·
  2. touchofstrange: @dhewlett Thank you so much for being so gracious to all your fans. As one of those towards the end of the line, it was well worth the wait!
  3. ed263: @joeflanigan @dhewlett Thank you so much for giving this fan & all your fans a fun & entertaining time at the Chicago con! Hugs to you both!
  4. pintsizeninja: And, of course, my photo with @dhewlett. Such a nice guy, omg. yfrog.com/nbe8zj
  5. dhewlett: Chicago you owe me one signing arm! Thanks so much for the long and happy lines...See you soon!
  6. TeresaMedeiros: @DHewlett You made waiting 4 hours for your autograph totally worth it! :)
  7. gdecker6: @dhewlett Thank YOU for sticking around sooooooooo long!!
  8. AtlantisJackson: @dhewlett also, thank you for signing Pin! I love that movie! Would love to hear your pitch... Well, no reason to hear it, just make it. :D
  9. taralee2: @JoeFlanigan Thanks for coming to Chicago, Joe! Absolutely great time yesterday!!
  10. MajorBerry: RT @SeixoLady: @JoeFlanigan A friend's just got back from Chicago. She say's u made her day, her week, her year - all with a hug. Thx! She needed a break
  11. nakedwesley: @dhewlett @Joeflanigan thanks for the fabulous weekend, guys. You rocked the house as always!
  12. @saska50: @PegasusAngel just met Joe Flanigan. Will send pics as soon as I can.
  13. MichaelShanks Michael confirmed during yesterday's convention Q&A he will be appearing in a second episode for the 10th and final season of #Smallville.
  14. pintsizeninja: Looking through my #chicon photos made me realize I really need a tripod for when Joe and David make you laugh so hard you shake the camera.
  15. silvercomet21: Want to see some Joe eye candy from the #ChiCon (including David)? #FlanClan @FlanInfo twitpic.com/2jgsk2
  16. silvercomet21: And another one. Joe is happy about his Twitter Faxo award. ;-) #ChiCon #FlanClan @FlanInfo twitpic.com/2jgtor ·
  17. silvercomet21: @JoeFlanigan Oh Joe, you and your handkerchief are pure evil. ;-) Thanks for coming to Chicago, had a good laugh.
And that's it!  Shall see what I can do about culling up livejournal / blog entries too :)  
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