wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

2 New photos from Joe Flanigan's THE OTHER SIDE movie for SyFy

Two new promotional photos posted by @joeFlanigan and @Chrissymacc on the SyFy movie THE OTHER SIDE. I'm sure they're posted ALL over the web, but one can't be too careful so am reposting, just in case ;)

Joe Flanigan, The Other Side

JoeFlanigan: What do you mean you left my scotch in the other dimension? twitpic.com/2k8det

Chris Newman, Joe Flanigan, Yare Jegbefume

Chrissymacc: twitpic.com/2k85ty - Me, Joe Flanigan and Yare doing our thing on the set of The Otherside

Tags: ferocious planet, joe flanigan
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