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Jason Momoa news - and his twitter

First, Jason Momoa is NOT on Twitter!  If you’re following, stop following and don’t give this fake the attention he/she is craving. Gah, even Joe Flanigan got fooled like the rest of us.

You can read more at http://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/Jason_Momoa_at_DragonCon/ or http://bit.ly/bRIKoR

A snippet of which says “Now, as to HBO’s Game of Thrones, 10zlaine notes that Jason indicated he was going to go back to filming very soon after Dragon*Con; we’re guessing this will be shooting interiors and some exteriors in Northern Ireland before filming shifts to Malta in October. Jason also remarked that he’s working hard at learning some lengthier chunks of dialogue for Drogo, made difficult by the fact that it’s all in David J. Peterson’s Dothraki language created for the series.”


And here are some tweets from Dragoncon.

JediRacer8: @westerosorg At DragonCon and had Jason Momoa sign my #GOT book. Nice to see "Khal Drogo" next to his signature.

sg1padawan: RT @ohvienna: "I'd be on Cheers and I'd be Norm." - Jason Momoa, on what TV show he'd like to be on/what character he'd play

such_heights: "David and Picardo are filming for SGU." "Traitors." - Jason Momoa

rosicka: Jason Momoa has a great princess wave.

VershaV: Jason Momoa is hot, with and without dreadlocks :)

ocelotspots: Oh lord Jason Momoa is wearing suspenders. Dying of hotness

hmrpotter: Holy s**t just walked past Jason f**kin Momoa on the walkway to the Marriott!!! *swoons*

bubblessoc Met Jason Momoa at #DragonCon. Super nice & super HOT. Said his Dothraki braid reaches his knees in #GameOfThrones

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