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Joe Flanigan - The Other Side - a couple new photos

Because you never know, gerbils could chew the wires and meltdown the servers holding photos, etc. for "The Other Side" at http://rhitv.com/in-production/the-other-side that they should be duplicated elsewhere, just in case. Besides, there's no such thing as a bad photo of Joe Flanigan, at least not that I've seen! So here are a couple...

Joe Flanigan
Our hero, Colonel Sam Synn... Oh, I keep wondering who devises these names.  When I see Synn, I think Simms and think of Sims and that create your own world thing, which I think has been replaced by Farmville on Facebook.

And they're (a) waiting for the #2 bus, (b) reacting to some as yet-to-be-made CGI monster, or (c) gawking at a truck with "Guinness Beer" plastered on side going down the road. I vote for "c" considering Joe's expression...

I also think guy in red tie is a red-shirt. Someone's gotta die, after all, this is a SyFy movie!

Yare Jegbefume
And here is Yare Jegbefume, also known as @topomanyare on Twitter, playing one of Colonel Synn's military minions.

There are more photos, alas, not with Joe, at the link above.   

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