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Jewel Staite talks about her new role on SGA

There's an interview with JEWEL STAITE over at


and it's mostly on FIREFLY but has a teaser on her new role in STARGATE ATLANTIS. I'll spoiler-cut the rest for the spoilerphobes....

SGPnet: Are there any news on the character of Dr. Keller you will be playing next year in "Stargate - Atlantis"? Do you already know, if we see her in season four for the first time, or if she will be introduced already at the end of season three? And are you happy to get back to the show, to the catering and the breakfast sandwiches, which you said, you liked the best?

JS: Yes, she will be introduced at the end of season three. I can't say a whole lot about her, because truthfully, I still don't know a whole lot! I've only done one episode! I do know I'll be on for a few episodes, but we still don't know how many, and I can't tell you any secrets unfortunately! I will say that the cast is great and a lot of fun, and the whole vibe on the set is very relaxed and easy-going. And there's nothing wrong with a big greasy breakfast sandwich to start the day!

So, it's hard to tell where she'll appear. "Sunday" just aired and there's no sign of her, so I'm figuring "Submersion" ... nah, probably the very last episode of season 3, when everything goes to hell and leaves the viewers in that hideous cliffhanger limbo until Summer '07. Sigh.

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