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Today's TV, or what I watch, or might watch, or go 'meh'

Probably for the first time, I have no `must see' TV. It wouldn't bother me if I did not see any of these shows live, but I do watch some live, because it fits my schedule or else I don't want to set the VCR (gotta get DVR fixed).

Let's see…

 Hawaii Five-O: In name only. Otherwise, it's… meh, okay. First, the credits are TOO fast. Yes, I'm part of the MTV generation but there's a limit to eyeball overload. It's like they blended the original H50 with high octane. I've adapted to them changing male characters to female characters, but why is the female character the one always in skimpy outfits?? I think the only thing that bugs me truly is the constant squabbling – seems to be the new thing on shows – between McGarrett (who needs a chill pill) and Danno (who I think could be my favorite character). Plus hearing rap music on Hawaii 5O just made me cringe, but that's just me. I want more mellow tunes. And since when did Alex O. get all those tattoos???

Chase. It's against H5O, which may doom it, but being a Bruckheimer show could save it. Anyway, it's refreshing, cuz it's not in LA or NY, appears to be filmed on location down south (Texas?) and the characters are more laid back, and it's well done. I tend to watch this on cable's `rewind' capability which does have embedded ads, but only ads for NBC (and the ABC one does likewise, but also forces me to watch a few Disneyworld ads). CBS alas is not offered on this service.

NCIS. I missed the first half of premiere, but it's still got it. If Mark Harmon ever left, the show would be doomed. Oh and the NCIS LA? Nope, nada, zilch. Tried it twice and was bored to death.

Stargate Universe. Missed first half of premiere due to constant interruptions, but did tape it. While watching it, my brother came in, sat down and watched for several minutes and asked what movie it was. I said it was SGU. He said but it's so dark and bleak, it's like BSG! He couldn't identify good guys from bad (everybody wore black, it seems) and unlike SGA or SG1, he just shrugged his shoulders and left. You see, it's not just rabid SGA/SG1 fans who aren't watching, it's the regular viewer who doesn't recognize it as Stargate, sees it more as BSG (which it is). I'm still watching it, but it's not with the same passion as I had for previous Stargates.

Criminal Minds. Haven't watched. The women are vanishing, sigh… I have a lower tolerance for serial killer stuff. On plus, geeky guy with long hair finally got decent haircut, if ads are any indication.

The Defenders. I saw ¾ of the second one and it's sorta fun. Since it's a 10pm show, I'll probably tape and watch next day.

Big Bang Theory. Shelbot. Need I say more? Hopefully it's popularity won't be its undoing. And when the heck are they gonna get David Hewlett as a guest star??

$#*! My Dad Says. I've watched bits of this only because it's right after Big Bang Theory. It's…. there. Too much squabbling, odd pausing, so it's not must-see because a lot of times it just wasn't all that funny. I have no problem going off to fold laundry instead.

CSI. Hasn't been the same since William Petersen left, and must admit, I don't watch it much anymore. I just ODed on the gory close-ups, got tired of the dark, and there are only so many ways to kill beautiful people (face it, only beautiful people die in these shows).  I did watch last night's due to the shark killing someone in swimming pool, but at half past switched to NBC, to…

Outsourced. I rarely watch sitcoms, but this one is sorta fun, about the call center in India.

Mentalist. I watch this on and off but actually taped it last night to watch later as his brother is showing up.

CSI: NY. Well, hmm, it's probably the best of the CSIs now. I like the NYC part of it, as well as Gary Sinise. Jury still out on Sela Ward's character but now it's on at 9pm, much better than 10pm, so easier to watch. Gah, does this make me sound old and crotchey?? ;) Ah, okay, just watched tonight’s NY episode and it’s still good.

CSI: Miami. It jumped the shark years ago, and I think Sunday is the one-foot-in-the-grave slot for it. 10pm is bad for me as it's against Hearts of Space on NPR radio, and the show is so much of a soap opera now it makes my teeth ache.

Blue Bloods. Saw the first one, will check out second. Nothing I"d tape and rewatch but the characterization is good, the acting good, the plots pretty decent and it's got Tom Selleck. and it's actually filmed in NYC. At least a lot of it sure looks that way. And yes, the subway cars are that clean now. Amazing! I hope this doesn't interfere with his Jesse Stone movies. Those are enjoyable.

Law & Order, whichever. I tend to watch these in repeats. I do like the SUV one, but the commercials for the L.A. one just leave me… meh. I may try it out eventually.

Supernatural. Keep missing it, which is why I keep buying it on sale on DVD with intent of marathon. One day….oh yeah, it’s against CSI: NY. I’m so behind, I’ll catch up when an SGA actor guest stars (hopefully not dying in first 5 minutes).

So, how is everybody else doing with the new season? I wish I had BBC America. There’s stuff on there I would watch!

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